Watch: Episode #29 of the Weekly Burn & Turn

This week on the Weekly Burn & Turn, Robbie and Shimi discuss how not to look like a rookie at the poker table. Surprisingly, the guys continued to use the term “rookie” when really they were describing how not to be Shimi The Fish at the poker table.

Be sure to check out Shimi’s dramatic acting debut. He is actually pretty good!

And as usual, you won’t want to miss Name That Pro with a special clue delivered by 888 Sponsored Pro Jessica Dawley. Oh, and wait until you see who the new sponsor is for this segment. We bet you can’t guess!

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Are Players at the Mercy of the Deck When Playing Televised Poker?

In this interview from Poker Central’s Inside Poker with Matt Savage, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow talks about how he thinks the television coverage affected the action at the Final Table of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Matusow points to the loss of “game flow” and how it puts players at the “mercy of the deck.” The host, Matt Savage, then talks to WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart to get his reaction to The Mouth’s comments.

Check out the preview of the new show below, or catch the full episode on Poker Central.

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Amazing! Daniel Negreanu Challenges Donald Trump to Post a “Dick Pic”!!

I wonder if the $100,000 that Negreanu is prepared to pay to a charity of his choice, will be enough to swing it? No pun intended.

Although absolutely none of us here at F5 have a desire to see Donald Trump’s dong, I kinda hope he comes through on Daniel Negreanu’s challenge.

(^^Social media at its best)

N.B. If it wasn’t the state of the free world on the line, Trump talking about his dick in a presidential debate might actually be funny.

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