Fedor Holz Challenges You To Read 40 _useful_ Books Before The End of The Year

We are bit late to the party on this, but back in late November Fedor Holz challenged his twitter followers to read or listen to 40 new books before the end of the year. All in the name of bettering yourself. I think.

After Holz’s year of taking down pretty much any tournament he played in and his subsequent retirement, he’s got some time of his hands, and it seems he is reading some very mindful prose.

Here Holz shares his recent top 10 reads — and as it is the season of giving (and having time off work)— maybe you’ll be inspired to read them or buy them for a loved one.

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Phil Hellmuth Covets WPT Title

Never one to be outdone Phil Hellmuth sat down with PokerNews during the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic to talk about how winning a WPT title is creeping up his priority list.

Reading the interview in full over on PokerNews it would be easy to forget that he is working on his autobiography — in four questions, he only mentions his autobiographical endeavours twice.

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Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale

It’s been hard not to notice the twitter shit storm between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale that has been rumbling on for what seems like weeks. But finally Joey Ingram stepped up to the plate to explain exactly what is going on between the pair.

If you want more Dentale, Doug Polk breaks down a hand between Sam Abernathy and Mike Dentale from Poker Night In America — watch to the end for a special announcement from Polk and how he will be part of the Dentale, Hall heads up match.

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Jake Cody On Being Robbed While Skinny Dipping

Episode Six of Jake Cody's vlog is here.

In this episode from the Team PokerStars Pro, Cody takes time out from the grind to answer some viewers’ questions which includes an amazing story about the time he ended up naked in Barcelona and losing all his clothes, phone and money.

Oh and we find out from Jake (which in fact is his real name), whether he would ever make a full time move to The States and if he prefers live or online poker.

Watch it in full below.

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SnapChat Now Has Playing Cards

Did anyone else realise Snapchat had released their own playing cards?

Also, check out their new game called SnapKings below.

Or, if you like playing casino games online, you can also check out http://www.irishluck.ie/. They have plenty of reviews for popular online casinos and even if you aren’t sure how to play some of the games, they can help with their extensive listing of rules.

Even if you are just looking to learn about the online casino industry, they have a great news section with timely articles. Check it out.

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