Brandon Cantu Makes Some High Profile Enemies via Twitter

So, things are getting hot and heavy (not in a good way) over on Twitter at the moment, stemming from an argument most notably between Brandon Cantu, Shaun Deeb, Jason Mercier and Daniel Weinman.

To summarise the shit storm without getting too bogged down: Phil Hellmuth tweeted that he and Cantu where on a trip and that Cantu had a big chip lead in the HORSE event he was in.

Then, Weinman outed Cantu saying he owed him a $50K debt from 5 years ago that he still hasn’t paid.

Following that, Deeb got in the mix with Cantu which ended up in them sparring over whether Deeb also had a history of slow paying his debtors.

Whilst this is happening, Mercier also gets involved, saying to Cantu that he also needs to pay back his debt to him — Cantu sees red, and then starts slating Mercier, creating a series of hashtags, @ mentions PokerStars and basically calls for Stars to fire Mercier over the fact he was threatening.

Looking at Mercier’s tweets his language was never threatening and seems like Cantu is probably overreacting.

And thats about the size of it. Give or take a tweet or two.

For the full blow by blow account, visit Cantu’s twitter page. It is quite something.

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Tennis Legend Boris Becker To Play In PartyPoker Charity Event on Saturday

Boris Becker, one of the latest additions to the partypoker Ambassador Team, is set to play a one-off Sit and Go event in Rozvadov on Saturday February 18 at Kings Casino for children’s charity Herz Für Kinder.

Becker will be joined by partypoker pros Sam Trickett, Jan Jachtmann, Beata Jambrik, Natalia Breviglieri and Patrick Leonard.

You’ll be able to follow along on Twitch if you want to catch all the action.

Herz Für Kinder is an international organisation which “aims to improve young lives across the globe”.

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Shaun Deeb vs The Brunsons

Daniel Negreanu releases a podcast featuring high stakes pro Nick Schulman. Doyle Brunson comments. Then a twitter spat featuring Shaun Deeb and both Brunsons ensues.

Check out the exchange of tweets below — its hard to say whether it is friendly jibes or an actual argument.

You can listen to the podcast that kicked the whole thing off below.

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How To Go From Undercover Narcotics Cop to Executive Director at a Poker Company

In a fantastic interview over on PokerNews the guys shine a light on the incredible story of Chris Torina who went from undercover narcotics cop to launching a live poker training course called WPTDeepStacks.

Torina launched WPTDeepStacks back in 2009 after 10 years of “high-stakes drug busts,” and it eventually morphed into a full blown poker tour. Now after years of hard work and determination, WPTDeepStacks has been acquired by The WPT.

Read all about how Torina made the change from cop to entrepreneur here — it’s like The Wire meets Molly’s Game.

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Jaime Staples Talks Stream Boat 2017 On Poker In The Ears Podcast

PokerStars Team pro and live streamer extraordinaire Jaime Staples joins James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton on the Poker in the Ears podcast.

He talks about his PokerStars Championship Bahamas run, his recent move to Europe and the planned Stream Boat 2017 which will see Staples, Jeff Gross and others on billionaire Bill Perkins’ yatch live streaming.

Listen to the whole podcast below.

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The “Best Heads-Up Course Of All Time” Has Arrived

For mid to high stakes players looking to improve their game—help is at hand. Doug Polk has released an Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course for poker players looking to take their game to the next level.

For $999 the course promises to take players through “all of the different branches of the game tree, break down combinations across all actions, cover common lines & strategies, with deep theory and combination work” and also includes access to a private Facebook group.

For more information you can check out all the details on the UpSwing Poker site.

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A Downswing of $1.7 Million, Rick Rolls, A New HUNL Course & A Dream Final Table

Ahead of launching his new Heads Up No Limit course on Upswing Poker today —which is being billed as the “best Heads-Up NLHE material ever released” — everybody’s favourite poker YouTuber Doug Polk took to Reddit to take part in an Ask Me Anything.

Questions varied from asking about his biggest downswing of all time (he admitted to a $1.7m losing year), who he would want on a dream final table and there was even an epic Rick Roll.

You can check out his AMA here.

And for those looking to start crushing the pokerz, make sure you check out the lab at Upswing Poker. It is propabaly the single best resource available to bosst your poker game!

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A Past Critic of PokerStars, Igor Kurganov, Has Signed Up As PokerStars Team Pro

High stakes poker pro Igor Kurganov now joins the ranks of PokerStars Team Pro despite being a vocal critic of the company in the past. Kurganov was one of many players to criticize the company’s decision to end the Supernova Elite benefits with short notice.

However, now being on the inside will allow Kurganov to help shape change.

“Love or hate PokerStars, it’s going to be the major force in poker over the years to come and has been for the last years,” Kurganov said in an interview with PokerNews last week.

“What matters is the margin, if I can have any impact on the way in which poker develops. To achieve that, an involvement with PokerStars is simply the most impactful thing I can do. If I have no impact at all, well, then so be it. But if I have any, that’s great and I’m definitely happy to take that option and see where it goes.”

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WATCH: Phil Galfond vs Jungleman HU PLO

In the latest training video from Phil Galfond’s site Run It Once Galfond recaps the action from a heads up PLO session against Daniel “Jungleman” Cates — sharing his thoughts along the way on how to battle tough regs.

Watch it here.

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