Molly’s Game, Oscar Nominated

Molly Bloom

The poker film that everyone is talking about (no it’s not Rounders this time) is Molly’s Game—and it is now up for an Oscar for “Best Adapted Screenplay.”

Molly’s Game—adapted by Aaron Sorkin—will be up against stiff competition from the likes of, “Call Me by Your Name”, “Logan”, “The Disaster Artist” and “Mudbound.” I for one, hope it wins!

If you want more on Molly’s Game, here you can read the real-life behind the scenes gossip from the poker consultant on the movie.

Or if you enjoy spoilers of the movie you can watch The Poker Life podcast host Joey Ingram run through the movie adding his opinions or check out what Collider had to say about what they thought what the worst scene.

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5 Questions for Kevin Hart

PokerStrategy caught up with Kevin Hart at the PCA in the Bahamas to ask him 5 very important questions.

They range from if he likes playing with a shot clock to whether his table talk is designed to tilt his opponents.

You can check out what he had to say here.

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