Watch: Phil Nagy Releases a Video Statement on Bot Policy

CEO of the Winning Poker Network, Phil Nagy has declared war on the bots once again.

In a video statement released yesterday, WPN CEO apologizes for not handling bots better, but cautions players that “it won’t happen again.”

Furthermore, Nagy states that the site has banned two bots and has refunded over $200,000. Screen names of both the bots have been released on their website including the list of players affected by these bots and their reimbursement amount.

“Over the last year, our poker community has been very vocal about bots on WPN. As the CEO, I didn’t handle this well. I let personal feelings get in the way of what the business should have been doing,” said Philip Nagy, CEO of the Winning Poker Network.

“I apologize for not handling that better, and it won’t happen again,” Nagy added.

Watch the full statement here:

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Partypoker, Jungleman Want to Restart the Durrrr Challenge

Three months ago Dan “Jungleman” Cates called Tom “Durrrr” Dwan out over Twitter about their unfinished “Durrrr Challenge.” As usual, silence spoke louder than words—as Dwan kept shtum on the matter.

For those of you who don’t know what the Durrrr Challenge is … well, we can understand, given that it started over nine years ago! It is high-stakes multi-tabling heads-up cash game between Dwan and Jungleman. Dwan is currently losing to Cates by $1.2 million, with 30,665 hands remaining.

However, it looks like Jungleman with the help of Jeff Gross and partypoker could be trying to kickstart the challenge once more.

Despite Jungleman once again resuming talks on how to move the Challenge forward, it that doesn’t mean it will go ahead—as Dwan is yet to reply. Publicly at least.

Back in 2017, it looked like the Durrrr Challenge could return as Jungleman and Dwan were in talks to play out there final hands, but unfortunately it came to nothing.

At the time high stakes poker player Doug Polk called out the Challenge, calling it the largest scam in history.

So, once again, fans wait with baited breath to see if this comes to anything.

Check out recent interview between Gross and Jungleman where they talk about the Challenge amongst other things, below.

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Matt Staples Bags Powerfest Title

partypoker Team Online member, Matt Staples had a great outing at partypoker’s recent Powerfest series.

The Canadian streamer won his first Powerfest title in Event #65 Medium $33 Deep Turbo 8-Max by outlasting a field of 581 entrants to take home $3684. On the same day, he also final tabled in another Powerfest Event #65 High $109 Deep Turbo 8-Max but busted in fifth place for over $1500.

Matt Staples happens to be the first sponsored pro on the roster of partypoker’s newly formed “Team Online.” He has over 3 million views on Twitch and more than 57,000 followers. The Twitch grinder is also known for his Ultimate Sweat Challenge in 2017 with his brother Jaime Staples. The Staples brother walked away with $150,000 and won their bet to get within 1 lb of each other.

Matt’s brother Jaime Staples, who was former PokerStars PokerStars Team Pro is set to join party’s Team Online from May 4.

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LISTEN: Pokerfuse Podcast Breaks Down The Week That Was

ICYMI, the team over on sister site pokerfuse took a week off from recording their podcast (how very dare they) so we we’re left with a podcast shaped hole in our lives last week.

The boys are back with a bumper episode to make up for it as Nick Jones and Mike Gentile talk about the huge spring online poker series season, the announcement of partypoker MILLIONS Online, the Global Poker Awards, bots and seating Scripts, UFC Spins, PokerStars VR and more.

Listen to the show below.

Listen to “Episode 11: Spring Tournaments, MILLIONS Online, Global Poker Awards, Bots, Seating Scripts + PokerStars UFC and VR Updates!” on Spreaker.

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Starting Today PokerStars to Run 200 Billion Hand Celebrations Promotion

After nearly six years, PokerStars will re-run its billionth hand promotion.

Starting today, PokerStars will be running the 200 billion hands celebration promotion that will pay out more than $1 million in prizes.

While the details for the promotion is yet to be announced on the website, certain details have been revealed on the PokerStars client.

The operator promises to give away $1 million via various promotions including daily tournament giveaways, freerolls, daily offers and probably milestone hand promotion.

A freeroll has been scheduled to run on May 1 with $200,000 added prize pool. Other details are expected to be announced today.

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Top Professional Poker Players of All Time

The Poker Hall Of Fame is home to the greatest names in poker. The players that have been honoured with a membership to this exclusive club are legendary in poker circles. In order to become a member of the Poker Hall Of Fame, a player must meet the following criteria:

  • A player must have played against another top-tier player
  • A player must have participated in a high stakes game
  • A player must have shown consistency and staying power over a number of games

Currently, there are over 50 players listed as members, all of whom could be considered as one of the top professional poker players of all time. So how do we narrow it down to 5 players? It’s practically impossible, and we’re sure that not all of you will agree with our choices, but here goes!

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson has won 10 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, with his first win in 1976 and his latest in 2005. His WSOP winnings surpass the 2 million dollar mark, he wrote one of the most respected books on poker ever written and Bluff Magazine voted him 2006’s most influential person in poker.

Phil Hellmuth

Hellmuth is not the most popular guy on the poker circuit, but there is no denying his legendary status. Everyone has heard of Phil Hellmuth! Hellmuth has won 15 WSOP bracelets and he was the youngest player ever to win the Main Event (he was 24years old at the time). If you sit down at a table with Hellmuth, be prepared for a taste of the arrogance and temper that he’s just as well known for. You’re unlikely to beat him (his WSOP winnings are in excess of 14 million dollars), but you’ll definitely be entertained!

Jennifer Harman

Generally, men tend to dominate the high stakes poker scene, but the few women that do manage to break through do so with aplomb. Jennifer Harman is one of those women. Harman has made it to the final tables at 12 WSOP events and she was the first of her sex to win 2 open event WSOP bracelets. Harman took her place in the hall of fame in 2016 and her WSOP winnings are currently in excess of 2 million dollars.

James Butler Hickok

No list of this kind would be complete without the fabled James Butler Hickok. He was inducted into the hall of fame posthumously, of course, because he died while playing a game of poker in 1876. Hickok was an extremely well-known player in his day, but it was the manner of his death that immortalised him. The story goes that he was shot in the back while holding a pair of eights and a pair of aces in his hand – and so ‘dead man’s hand’ came to life.

Stu Ungar

Last but not least, Stu Ungar makes our list because he was one of the greatest poker players ever to sit at a poker table. In Ungar’s heyday, he won WSOP Main Event bracelets three times in a row. Ungar and Johnny Moss are the only two players ever to have managed such a feat. His final WSOP win was in 1997 after a break of 16 years, and this win earned him the nickname ‘Comeback Kid’. Sadly, Stu Ungar died just a year later.

So there you have it, our top 5 poker players of all time. We hope you’re nodding your head in agreement. And if not, let’s agree to disagree. If you’re dreaming of taking your place in the hallowed halls of poker fame alongside these heroic players, we suggest you get a little practice in!

Check out for some tips on how to play poker online, and use the online casinos to sharpen your game. Good luck on your path to greatness!

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