Phil Galfond Believes Run It Once Poker Could Become Number One Software Platform in a Year

RIO has made significant progress in the last few months.

Phil Galfond, the founder of newly launched Run It Once Poker posted yet another update on his site’s blog post highlighting the site’s progress and his views on what he thinks of his site.

While Galfond admitted that the site is “not close” to being profitable, he still believes that there is a good chance that Run It Once could become the number one platform in the industry a year from now.

“I feel like we are 1 or 2 updates away from a clear top 2 or 3 poker platform experience, and I think that a year from now we have a good chance of being #1,” wrote Galfond in his latest blog post.

While his statement may sound very ambitious, his site has indeed, made significant progress in adding new features to its online poker client over the past few months.

RIO has added highly requested features such as, resizeable tables, downloadable hand histories, made improvements to hotkeys, improvements to the time bank and seating logic, new table backgrounds, visual tweaks, and various other software fixes.

If you don’t already have an account on Run It Once Poker, sign up through us to get up to €600 FREE with qualifying deposits, and who knows, you may even get a chance to play with Phil Galfond himself.

Let us know over on Twitter if you agree or disagree with Phil’s statement whether his site will become one of the top software platforms one year from now.

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Joey Ingram Returns With The Poker Life Podcast

After a YouTube and social media hiatus Joey Ingram returns with the Poker Life Podcast and guest Doug Polk.

The two are always a winning combination on the Poker Life Podcast with Polk notorious for sharing his opinions. Whether you agree with him or not, Polk always has a hot take on the latest happenings in the world of poker.

But this is no ordinary podcast. At least not to begin with. The stand out moments in this podcast have nothing to do with poker. At least not directly.

In the most honest of exchanges between the pair (who are good friends IRL), Ingram opens up about some personal struggles he has been facing over the past few months. In a raw unscripted moment that at times seems to take Polk off guard, Ingram bares himself to his audience as he tries to make sense of his recent feelings of discontent.

Whilst watching the exchange, which seems so personal, I almost felt like a voyeur, I can’t stop thinking about the author of Reasons To Stay Alive, by Matt Haig and what he says about men and the importance of being able to express their emotions.

Polk actively listened and gave some really insightful thoughts as to why Ingram might be feeling such things—in a really compassionate manner—in what can’t have been an easy conversation for either of them.

The podcast should serve as inspiration to many people. It has to me. Whether you can relate to the topics being discussed, or whether you are just seeing two people talk about their fears and insecurities without judgement and now think you can do the same thing too—either way the podcast has done something remarkable.

Do yourself a favor and watch below as I leave another Matt Haig quote for you to ponder.

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