German Player Wins the Biggest PokerStars Spin & Go Jackpot Prize

Earlier this week, PokerStars hit its biggest jackpot in a $5 buy-in Spin & Go.

The prize pool was $2.2 million. Yes, you read that right!

The likelihood of such a multiplier getting triggered is 1 in 20 million.

German player “Donk3399” kept his cool and after a few minutes play, he took down the event to become the first player to win a $2 million prize in a Spin & Go tournament.

Second and third place didn’t go home empty-handed as they received $100,000 payday for their efforts.

This certainly puts this prize among the top five largest payouts to be ever awarded in online poker history.

Nick Walsh, a PokerStars Team Pro and a member of the OP-Poker team, broadcasted the action live on Twitch. Watch how the game ended below:

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partypoker Offers an Extra $1 Million Bonus for MILLIONS Online

MILLIONS Online, partypoker’s audacious $20 million guaranteed event is returning for its second edition this Sunday for a double-sized buy-in $10,300.

Like last year, this massive event will create four millionaires in a single online tournament, meaning if you finish at the top four, you’re likely to be paid out $1 million or even more.

To further up the ante, partypoker has announced an extra $1 million chip leader bonus. Should the chip leader of Day 1A go on to win the tournament, partypoker will credit his or her account with an additional $1 million cash.

There are four Day 1s scheduled, with the first one kicking off on December 1. Day 1B, Day 1C, and Day 1D take place on December 8 and 9. The final day will be played on December 10.

To make it easier for players to qualify for the $10,300 buy-in event, partypoker is running several Mega Sats with $7 million in guaranteed seats.

Check out the full schedule for the satellites here.

Last year, MILLIONS Online created history by setting the record for the biggest tournament in the history of online poker. A total of 4367 entries were made across the five starting flights of the $5300 buy-in MILLIONS Online to generate a mammoth prize pool of almost $22 million.

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Partypoker’s New Mobile App First Look: The Diamonds

With the launch of the new partypoker mobile app we are looking at all the new shiny features that players can get excited about.

A new upgrade is the introduction of “Diamonds”: A new in-game promotional currency that players can earn and spend at the table.

You will see in the bottom right hand corner a Diamond icon with the amount of diamonds that you have earned. In this case it is 17.

There are two things diamonds can be spent on: throwing objects at each other and being able to view “ rabbit cards” which is where you can look at the cards that would have been dealt (if the hand hadn’t ended early). Players can look out for flying pigeons, taxis and fishing rods, boxing gloves and more once Diamonds have been accumulated.

This adds a fun social element to the game.

What do you guys think?

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Partypoker’s New Mobile App First Look: The Emojis

It’s landed. partypoker has overhauled their mobile app experience. Portrait mode, intuitive user experience, animations, emojis all available on Spins tables.

The update will roll out to other game types later in 2020.

Here we take a sneak peak below at the emojis that will be available for players to use. As you can see there is generic happy, sad and crying faces that go all the way up to the more poker-specific devils horns and violin.

In a fun twist these emojis are animated when deployed at the table. There is also canned chat, offering predefined message so that players can interact with each other. Stock phrases such as “wow,” “brutal,” and lets go will all be available at the time of launch.

Players that go “all in” will get to experience fireworks around their avatar.

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Partypoker’s New Mobile App First Look: The Portrait Table

Certainly the most noticeable new update to partypoker’s new mobile app is its new portrait design instead of the standard landscape. And this is not optional—this is the only orientation now at the Spins tables, and soon it will come to other games too.

The advantage of portrait is it is much easier to play one-handed, and switching between poker and other apps is much easier.

Even more ambitious is that* partypoker has a 4-way split screen view.* This is not just a static view—you can actually make decisions when in this view. On the phone this is probably a bit tricky (unless you have a monster “phablet” device), but it is still a great overview screen to jump between tables. But this feature really comes into its own on tablet devices.

This is not the first time an online poker operator has tried mobile poker in portrait rather than landscape, but it is probably the most established operator to try it, and the 4-way split screen looks unique to us. What do you think, step forward or step back?

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Partypoker’s New Mobile App First Look: The New Lobby

Partypoker has entirely overhauled their mobile app experience. The slick new look is available now on Spin tables only, before it will roll out to more games and variants in 2020.

The new experience starts in the lobby: Either a tiled or carousel view of the different buy-ins with simple filtering that allows players to jump to the games they want.

A new spins “jackpot” animation screen shows the prize up for grabs. Players are then taken to the table.

How do you like the look of the new lobby?

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