Check Out The Battle Royale LeaderBoard Details

Everything you need to know about the new game, Battle Royale on GGPoker.

The Battle Royale game is a new gamified format on GGPoker.

The games start as a fast-fold 100-person sit and go, and proceed through three stages to a 10-handed final table where all players get prizes. The games are structured to be finished within 60 minutes.

The leaderboard appears to be based on volume rather than results as players earn one point for every Battle Royale game they play, but they can get extra value during happy hour with 1.5x point value.

Prize totals and number of prizes available on the leaderboard vary depending on buy-in. The table below shows how prizes break down at each level.

Battle Royale Leaderboard Prizes

Blinds Weekly Prize Up to
$10.00 $8,270.00 50
$3.00 $3,945.00 100
$1.00 $2,160.00 100
$0.25 $672.00 200
Total $15,047.00

Players in Battle Royale games all start with 1,000 chips, and they are pure-freezeout games with no late registration or re-entry. The 100-entry game size makes for consistent guarantees across the buy-in levels.

  • $.25 games guarantee $24.
  • $1 games guarantee $95.
  • $3 games guarantee $285.
  • $10 games guarantee $950.

Battle Royale games are running now on GGPoker, and the Leaderboard promotion runs from June 10 through June 30.

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Be the Last Player Standing in GGPoker’s New Battle Royale

Check out this fortnight and poker mix in a new innovative poker format at GGPoker.

There is a new game in town at GGPoker with Battle Royale. The new gamified poker format combines aspects of fast-fold, shootout and knockout poker formats with the “last player standing” model of the Battle Royale format from first person shooter games.

The new format plays in three stages, taking elements from the larger gaming world, as well as many different poker formats. The entire tournament plays as a progressive knockout game, with players earning a bounty for every knockout, while also increasing the price on their own head.

Stage 1 of the game is a fast-fold tournament variant lasting 15 minutes, designed to whittle the starting field of 100 down to 50. If more than 50 people remain after the first 15 minutes, only the top 50 stacks will move forward, with any smaller stacks being eliminated and their bounties being redistributed to prize pool. This stage plays six-handed.

Stage 2 is another 15 minute phase, played in a five-handed shootout format. Only the last player standing at each of the final 10 tables will advance to the final stage. If there are still tables in action after 15 minutes has expired, the remaining tables move to an automatic all-in mode until a winner is decided on each.

The final stage plays like a 10-handed sit and go, with all players expecting a payout. With the action-heavy format in the first two stages, players at the final table should have very large bounties on their heads, making for some interesting decisions and confrontations at the final table.

The new game is offered at four low-stakes buy-ins ranging from $.25 to $10. Winners can expect to get more than 10x their buy-in back in prize pool prizes, plus whatever bounties they’ve collected along the way, and even 10th place earns more than a buy-in back in prizes.

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