Daniel Colman – I Was A Teenage Multiaccounter

Colman confesses teenage indiscretion, re-clarifies statement on Hellmuth.

Last week we posted a couple stories about the inflammatory remarks from One Drop winner Daniel Colman in regards to noted poker personality Phill Hellmuth as well as Hellmuth’s response to the online attacks.

Well, as one would imagine, the end didn’t arrive once Hellmuth made his comments and the original thread that was once about Brian Koppelman's podcast which featured Hellmuth became a back and forth between the Hellmuth haters and Colman’s critics alike.

Both sides were getting their fair share of praise and haters and one poster even suggested that, as long as the thread was on the subject of Hellmuth’s checkered past with Ultimate Bet – someone should look into Colman’s life. (Which is not a good suggestion)

Colman, who must have been monitoring the thread, snap replied with the following:

I multiaccounted tournaments online when I was 17-18 with a me against the world mentality. I have made plenty of mistakes, but I know I am far from that person I once was.

If Colman’s statements are true and his memory is correct that would put his multiaccounting days around 2007-2008 (as he’s ~24 right now) after the multi accounting scandal of Justin Bonomo and right around the time that the infamous JJ Prodigy's machinations were discovered.

Colman seemingly just wanted to get this out there.

That wasn’t the end of Colman’s conversation in the thread though as he decided to address this Hellmuth situation one final time. Here are some highlights from his statement:

Once again, I admit to being too harsh in my initial post. Phil didn’t deserve that hateful of a message. I was a bit heated in the moment and it showed in my writings. I underestimate how much the poker world amplifies anything I have to say now that I have godmoded a few live tournaments, I will exercise more caution in the future before clicking the post button.

That being said, I still stand by the main gist of my post. Phil’s behavior in poker is atrocious, and I don’t think it belongs in this game.

Also, if you are looking for Colman and his recent hot streak to be a spokesperson for the game of poker, you’re going to continue to be disappointed.

Some of the resentment focused towards me I am sure comes with me choosing not to be an ambassador to poker, I am sorry but I am not going to be that guy.

Then, for good measure, a little shade gets thrown on 2013 WSOP Champ Ryan Riess.

Look to the new main event champ, Martin Jacobson, unlike the last champ, he doesn’t have to go around saying he’s the best in the world after winning. He plays phenomenal poker and carries himself exceptionally well, so his peers are happy to do the talking for him.

He goes on to remain resolved that Hellmuth should stop berating players on and off camera and that he feels that he still has to answer some questions regarding his involvement with Ultimate Bet.

Again, I agree I was wrong for attacking Phil in the manner I did, and I apologize, but my main points stand. In my view he is a terrible ambassador for the game, and I think its despicable that with all the money he made as the face of UB, he has never even sat down and engaged the poker community about his involvement.

Read the post in full over at Two Plus Two.

Now, we know…this post is super long and it’s about nothing important but that’s what we do! We help you waste time when you can’t be wasting time elsewhere. So, with that, we want to point out ONE. MORE. THING.

In a rando post in this thread, someone posted what looks like to be an exchange between Colman and Doug Polk, where Colman claims that he’s DONE in 2015.

Again, this is unverified, total gossip, could be completely made up so take this next quote with a heap of salt.

WCG|Rider: we both know you arent hanging up the gloves
WCG|Rider : so whats your plan
mrGR33N13 : serious
mrGR33N13 : i play pca maybe aussie next year
mrGR33N13 : then 100k one drop and main event
mrGR33N13 : then its all over
mrGR33N13 : they dont deserve me, they been treatin the greenie too rough lately

If that transcript is for real, then it looks like Colman is claiming that it’ll be “all over” come this summer.

What do you think? Does his admission of multiaccounting change your mind on how you think of Colman? Do you think he can really walk away?

Let us know if you actually got to the bottom of this post!

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