Jean-Robert Bellande Begs Bilzerian To Back Him Again

Looking to lighten his One Drop load JRB texts Dan.

If you think that Dan Bilzerian is so rich that he might just take a gamble on you in a big buy-in tournament, see what happened when his old pal, and sometimes horse, Jean-Robert Bellande asked him to take a sweat piece of him in the upcoming One Drop.

For those thinking to ask danbilzerian to buy piece of $1,000,000 One Drop Wsop he might send you this reply:

Actually though, a random guy off the street might have better luck with Dan. It wasn’t that long ago that Dan parted ways with Bellande as a backer citing that he lost $1.7M with Bellande and called Jean-Robert “mentally slow.”

You might also remember the, now semi-famous, photo of Bellande buying into the One Drop with bricks of cash (despite the World Series of Poker readily accepting cashiers checks)

Look: Jean-Robert Bellande Buys Into WSOP One Drop With $1 Million In Cash

Would you invest in JRB if you had the money to burn?

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