Poker Game Breaks Out In Middle Of L.A. Traffic Jam

Interstate 5 freeway shutdown prompts impromptu poker game.

You still don’t think poker is everywhere? This may change your mind.

On Friday, In Los Angeles, where traffic is a way of life, the 5 freeway came to a stand still when, allegedly, a tagger – another LA staple – refused to come down off an overpass. With traffic at a dead stop, for hours, and nothing to do but sit and wait for the situation to be resolved, a couple of guys decided to get a round of cards in…in the middle of the freeway.

According to the LA Times, the overpass trespasser didn’t budge from 3:50pm until 7:15pm and until this tagger came down, no one was going anywhere, so in order to pass the time – out came the table and the chip stacks.

Originally thought to be a taco stand, and reported as such by mainstream media, people who were on the scene confirmed that it was, indeed, a poker table being set up.

Here’s the original Instagram photo of people coming from their cars to take a “seat” at the table:

#texasholdem anyone? Hope that guy on the overpass is okay. #5freeway #completestandstill #howtopassthetime

Read: Reddit thread on poker table being set up on Los Angeles freeway.

Here’s a shot of the tagger that caused the freeway stoppage.

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