Meet And Greet – Spend 60 Seconds In The Closet With Team888

888Poker is the 2nd largest online poker site on the planet, right behind PokerStars, and they have begun to aggressively build out their team on online ambassadors.

Now their job is to get you to know who they are and maybe even identify with one of them so, if you are able to, you’ll give their site a try. Interested in meeting a few of these guys and girls? Here they spend 60 seconds with the majority of their sponsored roster and ask them rando questions like who’s the best bluffer in their family and what their superstitions are.

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Sofia Lövgren thinks blue nails bring her luck.

Jackie Glazier has got it, does not flaunt it.

J.C. Tran is high…on confidence.

Michiel Brummelhuis still has that feeling.

Xuan Liu knows how to party in Las Vegas.

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