Alec Torelli’s Poker Hand of the Day Blocked By ESPN

More Poker Vids Taken Down From YouTube “On Copyright Grounds.”


If the story of a poker pro creating videos analyzing the play in famous poker hands, only to run into problems with the social media site hosting said videos sounds familiar to you, then congratulations, you’ve been paying attention.

This time it’s Alec Torelli on the wrong side of the copyright issue after posting a video with his thoughts on a hand from the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop in which Dan Colman triple barreled Antonio Esfandiari.

As you can see, the vid was blocked by ESPN “on copyright grounds.”

Last we saw, it was Doug Polk having issues with his vids on YouTube and even his Facebook page.

More recently Doug had an issue with Torelli.

Hey…you don’t think…....naaaaa. Wait, seriously??? No…. it’s just a coincidence….right?

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