Rounders Turns 20

Now read The Oral History of the iconic film, with the showrunners and actors.

Continuing the celebration of Rounders turning twenty this year, The Ringer now brings us “Going All In: An Oral History of Rounders” —which doesn’t disappoint.

In this amazing interview that takes us behind the scenes like never before, we get an insight into how the best poker film of all time was made and how Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich ended up in their iconic roles.

We also learn about Norton and Damon taking their method acting to the next level, by using their newly acquired poker skills to fleece the head honchos of Miramax the disgraced Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob.

The Ringer also bought us a Rounders The Rewatchables episode which you can listen to below.

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