Who Wants to Watch Some Live Streaming Scrabble? You Do, That’s Who!

North American Scrabble Championship 2019 is underway, and the Twitch stream is hypnotic.

The WSOP is over. You’re sat at home, whiling away the time. The WSOP is over, so there’s no more great live poker to stream. What do you do?

You watch some live-streaming Scrabble, that’s what.

The North American Scrabble Championship is happening right now in Reno, Nevada. The country’s top Scrabble players are playing some high stakes hot tile action as we speak. And the lovely folks at GGsLive are live-streaming all the action.

Never watched a Scrabble live-stream before? Well honestly, neither had we, but we found it oddly compelling—and we bet if you like watching live poker, you might like this too. Here’s what to expect:

  • “Hole card” cam of both players’ til racks (bonus: watch players rearrange their tiles to spell rude words!)
  • Ace commentary from two top Scrabble players in the box
  • A smart board camera that swivels when the board does
  • Over-the-board analysis from engine-recommended moves
  • Probably lots more in this all-day stream

The above embed is from yesterday’s mammoth seven-hour day. The fine folks over at GGS have also split it into shorter videos of individual games.

We expect them to be back in just a few hours to stream the final day’s action. They didn’t get a lot of attention yesterday, so let’s show them some love and all tune in. We’ll embed the main channel stream, hopefully this will show Thursday’s action when it starts.

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