Jerry Yang’s 2007 WSOP Final Table Watch Is On The Block

More poker memorabilia is up for grabs.

Looking for that one-of-a-kind poker accessory to wear around your wrist at the table? While, in the past, we’ve shown you the opportunity to buy a World Series of Poker bracelet, this piece of WSOP history is a little different.

The internet detectives over at the Two Plus Two forums sniffed out this newly listed auction and found that 2007 WSOP Champion Jerry Yang's Corum watch, given to him for making the final table, is officially up for sale.

The description says that the holder of the watch bought it at an IRS seizure auction last year and that the watch, even without all the WSOP engraving, retails for $9K (who would pay $9K for a watch nowadays is a mystery).

Here’s the full description:

This is the watch won by Jerry Yang at the 2007 World Series of Poker.  It was made by Corum specifically for the 2007 WSOP Main Event.  On the clasp is engraved the words “2007 WSOP Main Event Final Table”.  The watch is in excellent condition, the glass of the watch face is flawless and there are only a couple of minor scratches on the case, nearly invisible without a magnifying glass.

I purchased this watch at an IRS seizure auction last year in Sacramento, CA and have the paperwork that shows it was seized from Jerry Yang for non payment of taxes and sold to me.  Pictures of the paperwork are attached.  The watch retails by Corum for more than $9000 and that is without the provenance of having been won during the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Other than winning a WSOP Main Event bracelet yourself, this watch, won by the World Champion in 2007 is the best trophy for any poker fan to own!

Want to place a bid? Check the listing right here.

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Venetian Poker: To Play Or Not To Play – That Is The Question

Is the Venetian Poker room part of the online poker battleground?

Would you, right now, play at the Venetian in Las Vegas?

This is a question that many poker players are asking themselves as the Venetian is run by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and its CEO is, of course, Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire funding the opposition to online poker and mass spender of cash to try and limit American liberty.

This past week, the Venetian’s 2014 Deep Stack Extravaganza $5K tournament (with a $1M prizepool guarantee) played down to a final table with some notable names in contention for the $377K first place prize.

Paul Volpe, Kevin MacPhee, “Action” Jeff Garza and Justin Young all found themselves in the top 7. As they got ready to play down to an eventual winner though, pro poker player Corey Burbick, who also plays at the Venetian, noticed something a little funny…a couple of these well-known players were, not too long ago, outspoken advocates of NOT playing at the Venetian – on moral grounds.

Check out this statement from Paul Volpe on Jun 2nd:

39 Retweets, 74 Favorites.

Then Kevin MacPhee, in reply to a Burbick tweet:

He “can’t believe” it.

Volpe went on to win $125,248, while MacPhee pocketed $56,619 – both healthy scores so congrats to them. And congrats to the Venetian. Congrats to Sheldon Adelson. While Volpe and MacPhee are just being singled out in this instance they were just two of the 367 players that plopped down $5K to play. When you think about it though, it’s a good tournament, yea? The juice on it wasn’t even that bad, right? $165 per person. So that’s really only just over $60,000 for the one tournament.

While that looks like a lot that can’t mean that much. After all poker players helped the Venetian to collect over $750,000 in rake just this summer so the $60K is less than 10% of that, so it’s not even that big a deal.

Seriously, let’s get real. What difference does the rake from one person mean anyway? Sure, people say you vote with your wallet, but when you think about it what does a vote matter? There were over 129M votes in the last US Presidential election, so really, vote or don’t vote – who cares? Your vote doesn’t even count.

One person in that last election hardly mattered. In fact, with over 7.1 billion people it’s hard to think that one person matters in just about any instance, much less poker or online poker or whether this old guy with his billions wants to tell you how you are legally allowed to spend your discretionary income as an adult. There really nothing you can do about it because really, one person doesn’t even matter – not you, not Sheldon, no one.

You don’t matter.

The only thing is…and, it’s pretty much the exception so don’t put too much stock in this (as we’ve established that statistically you basically don’t matter at all) in any given instance, in practice – you do matter.

Basically, statistically – and in poker we’re all about math – maybe the $750K in rake that the Venetian collected from its Deep Stack series (and any one individuals participation) doesn’t make a dent in this war on your freedom, which is still very much in the air, it is, historically, individuals that make change happen.

Adelson is an individual, he’s a rich son-of-a-b too, and he’s not wavering in his convictions ( just yet). He’s doing whatever he has to, spending whatever he has to, to try to keep you from playing a sit-n-go in your pajamas on Sunday.

Why wouldn’t he? Nearly 12,000 runners walked though his doors this summer and helped him pay for his fight.

He’s unapologetic, he’s ruthless and if you think that things have “gone too far” to turn back around – just remember UIGEA and Black Friday. It’s never too far.

He even went so far as to ban PokerNews from the Venetian from its own sponsored event during the summer. For him, everything counts.

So, while he’s one individual on one side, there needs to be an individual on the other. This is you. You have to do only one thing to make a difference: Not play at the Venetian. Don’t give them your money, your time, your attention, your loyalty as – while it’s not the dealers, floormen or cage workers fault – those in charge of the Venetian have no loyalty to you. Just don’t be lured in and don’t be swayed by the argument that you don’t matter.

While the numbers indicate that it may not be true, people make a difference and if you care about online poker, but for more importantly – if you care that a man, who has more money than you is trying to tell you how to live your life, what is good for you, impress his code of conduct and what’s best for him onto you – like he knows better than you, like he’s smarter than you, like he has more morals than you do – just don’t play there. Don’t do it. Soft field? Don’t do it. Big guarantee? Don’t do it. Super deep stack? Don’t. Do. It. Don’t play at the Venetian.

Ladies and gentlemen, you fucking matter. Boycott the Venetian.

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Down The Hatch! Danielle and Dan Chug Unthinkable Liquids In “Me vs. U”

Don't be dirty, it's all household items.

In the latest episode of Ultimate Poker's friendly battle of the sexes, “Me vs. U” poker pros Dan O’ Brien and Danielle Andersen are put to a real test of wills. They will be playing beer pong, without the pleasure of drinking beer. Instead, producers have replaced the plastic cups with some of the most vile household ingredients that you might find in your grandmothers cabinets: vinegar, tuna juice, warm mayo and the like.

The pair draft the cups, line them up and watch each other chug gag worthy items in hopes to not have to use the provided puke bucket. The truth is, in this video, it’s hard to call either of these players a winner, but in the end someone is the loser and what they must endure will shock them. Not shock you, you’ll think it’s funny.

More “Me vs. U”: Unleash The Hounds! Danielle and Dan Battle Attack Dogs In “Me vs. U”

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Hellmuth andl Negreanu Are Seeing Stars

Top pros recall their starstruck moments.

Have you ever run into Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree or the charming two-time EPT winner Victoria Coren and wanted to say something to them but couldn’t bring yourself to do so?

Well, even these top pros, with all of their poker media coverage, sometimes find it hard to say hello to someone they admire – they get starstuck too!

In the latest Bonus Cut from PokerStars they ask these 4 players who they have ever met that left them a little flustered. From top tier politicians to the monsters of heavy metal, from stars of the big screen to the King of Pop give a quick listen to the stories of when the semi-famous meet the ultra-popular.

Watch More PokerStars promo: Alex “Kanu7” Miller High Stakes Explorer, Climber Of Mountains

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World Series of Poker – Post Series Assessment

Have your say about the ultimate summer series.

You’d think after 45 years the World Series of Poker would be set in their ways, but with a game that changes as rapidly as poker, the hosts of the ultimate summer series also finds themselves adjusting.

While, we think, the general consensus if that the WSOP did an amazing job during it’s 2014 campaign, Executive Director Ty Stewart still reached out, online, asking anyone who played to give their feedback.

Everything is on the table and up for your personal assessment (assuming you made the trip this year). Have dealer problems? Let them know. Hate the fact that bananas cost $2.50 in the poker kitchen? Let them know. Think the Daily Deepstacks are the best?! Let. Them. Know.

Here’s some of the feedback they have already received: Longer breaks during the Main Event, run the $235 Daily Deepstacks twice-a-day, less aggro people in the hallway, having some Day 1’s be online events, more PLO events and …

Two “Monster Stacks” next year.

Structure changes.

Allow headphones when ITM:

More novelty tournaments:

So while most of the feedback was an addition to a positive experience, not everyone feels the same. In fact, some can’t express themselves in 140 characters. So, if you are of a mind that you did NOT like some of what happened at the WSOP, perhaps this next read will interest you.

Former PokerStars executive Dan Goldman recently took Caesars to task on some of the ways that the WSOP is handled. From the cash game rake to the “pervasive lack of understanding of poker” as he puts it. Goldman is an industry vet and doesn’t level these charges lightly and in his post Six ways Caesars screwed up the World Series of Poker he basically is looking for Caesars to take the next step in quality assurance for it’s players. Players he says helped the WSOP make $50M in 6 weeks.

So given my acknowledgement of the horrifyingly complex logistics of the WSOP, is it fair or reasonable for me to level these kinds of criticism at Caesars? I think the answer is a resounding yes. From tournaments alone this year, the Rio will gross about $12 million in fees. I would guess they snare more than that in rake, although I’ve never estimated it.

We have a right to demand a high level of service, and Caesars has had more than enough time to get this right.

Are you listening, Caesars?

The WSOP has been over for all of 3 days and we can’t wait to see what will happen next year.

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Six-Figure Swings – High Stakes Online Returns Post-WSOP

Notable names winning and losing more than you make in a year.

No sooner than a day after the WSOP settled the November 9, the high stakes online cash games were back in action.

Online mainstays Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Cort “thecortster” Kibler-Melby, “Trueteller”, Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou, “Follow The Hawk”, and German pro “SanIker” were involved in a series of nosebleed $1,000/$2,000 Fixed Limit Triple Draw games and 8-Game sessions jumpstarting the online cash games back to life.

Yesterday, Lei Zhou (aka samrostan) played 2 sessions winning $508,489 , a sum which is roughly in line with taking 10th in the WSOP Main Event.

Read: Online Nosebleed Degen “samrostan” Reveals His Identity, Never Quits

One session of Triple Draw produced $221,006 with a large chunk of that coming from fan-favorite Viktor Blom; while Zhou collected another $287,483 in a heads-up dual against “Trueteller” on the 8-Game tables.

More Isildur: Jungleman to Isildur – “Pay Your Debts Scumbag”

“Trueteller”'s loss to was a surprise as he had been on a heater, fighting hard to become a $417,819 winner over Monday and Tuesday’s processions; while the biggest hit to the bankroll came to Cort “thecortster” Kibler-Melby was in for a heart-stopping $620,366 loss.

This action has been a huge improvement on the latest showings coming from the online high stakes cash games, which have been overshadowed by the recent shenanigans in the WSOP.

Read more high stakes action from pokerfuse: High Stakes Online Cash Report: Haxton Scores Big*

Now with the WSOP coming to an end, and the November 9 settled, the high stakes cash games should start to spill over the edges once more as the players get back to business as usual.

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Alex “Kanu7” Miller High Stakes Explorer, Climber Of Mountains

Team PokerStars Online features one of their newest members.

It hasn’t quite been a year since the UK’s Alex Miller has joined Team *PokerStar*s Online under the screen name “Kanu7”, but it’s been far longer that he’s been crushing the highest stakes that the online giant has to offer. This is his story.

Miller has earned upwards of $7,000,000 online playing High Stakes No-Limit Hold’em in his career (and according to HighStakesDB, $340K this year alone) and, while he’s still a young guy, it’s been quite the journey to get there from his football playing days in University.

Back in the day, Miller became interested in poker from the on-campus poker society, he met a few blokes, ate some fish and chips (you know, all the English tropes) and he started his journey from there, taking aim at each level and trying to find new ways to make it to the top.

In his moment in the spotlight, PokerStars and director Ryan Firpo tell his story in their traditional mash-up style of Wes Anderson meets “Friday Night Lights” – a quirky sense of seriousness. It’s his tale of tacking the game of poker from the inception of the idea to winning the award for being the UK’s Best Cash Game Player – this is Alex “Kanu7” Miller.

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Happy 50th Birthday Phil Hellmuth

The Poker Brat turns half century, but he's child-like on the inside.

Happy Birthday Brat, we like you no matter what everyone else says!

Some other well wishes for the 13-time WSOP bracelet winner:

Here’s to 50 more!

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Jorryt van Hoof

Special embossed "chipleader" edition.

This PLO specialist is making at run at the most prestigious title in poker and has the chips to do so. Jorryt van Hoof holds more than his fair share of the chips, lets see what he does with it!

Want more on the November Nine chipleader? Watch this video with PokerNews:

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Felix Stephensen

Impress your friends!

Felix Stephensen is living in London but making a name for himself in Las Vegas. Sitting 2nd in chips, he’s only one of two people above the 30M mark!

Want more on the Norwegian Niner? Check out this video from PokerNews:

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Mark Newhouse

Special editions are more valuable!

The first person to make back-2-back final tables in the November Nine era, Mark Newhouse is quickly becoming a household name (in poker).

Want more on the man who made WSOP history? Watch this video from Pokerlistings:

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Andoni Larrabe

Better than a business card!

The hopes of Spain ride on the shoulders of young Andoni Larrabe. If he wins, he’ll be the first champion from Spain since Carlos “The Matador” Mortensen...lo emocionante!

Looking for more on the youngest player of the November Nine? Watch this video from Poker Red [it’s in Spanish]:

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Daniel Sindelar

For fans of all ages!

Nebraska native Dan Sindelar started drinking and playing poker while at the University of Nebraska. He loved poker, hated classes and now he’s playing on the big stage!

Want more on the “exhausted” Sindelar? Watch this video with PokerNews' Sarah Grant:

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner William Pappaconstantinou

F5 Trading less than the best!

Billy Pappaconstantinou pities the foos who stand between him and the first place prize! The 5-time foosball champion is looking to add a new type of trophy in his case.

Want more on the bearded “Billy Pappas”? Watch this video with PokerNews' Sarah Grant.

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F5Poker Trading Cards – November Niner Bruno Politano

Collect the set!

Brazilian hopeful Bruno Politano hopes he fares better at the final table than his countrymen did against the Germans in the World Cup!

Want more on the November Nine shortstack Politano? Watch this video with PokerNews' Sarah Grant:

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Hey Look! Another Article On The 2014 World Series of Poker November Nine

It's a historical final table with international flair.

After 10 long days of tournament poker and 6,683 runners with $10M dreams , the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event has finally cast the leading roles for their November Nine final table.

The remaining players include a professional foosball champion, a dominating Swede, a young Spaniard and the Wayfarer-wearing poker pro who made history by becoming the first player to make back-to-back November Nines.

Let’s check them out:

Your headliner and lead story of the N9 has to be that of Mark Newhouse. Last year’s 9th place finisher is baaaaack and this time, he’s got chips. Sitting 3rd on the leaderboard, Newhouse looks to not only best his $733k haul from last year (he’s $3k shy right now) but maybe even his career best when he won a WPT Title back in 2006 for over $1.5M.

Sweating my homie @mark_hizzle w 15left in the main about to make some serious history in this bitch.. – Chino Rheem

Newhouse will have to be wary of an ocean of pros that populate the table as well. Martin Jacobson, Daniel Sindelar and N9 chipleader Jorryt van Hoof have plenty of experience to go around. Jacobson is a pros pro with over $4.8M in tournament earnings and this WSOP marks his 15th 6-figure score. Sindelar doesn’t quite have the tournament cash results of Jacobson, but with 50 cashes on his resume dating back to 2007, he knows his way around a table. Jorryt van Hoof may be relatively unknown, for now, but rumors have it that during the WSOP he was playing as high as 50/100 PLO. People don’t mess around in that game and his meteoric rise up the chip charts on Day 7 proves he knows what he’s doing.

The chip leader Jorryt van Hoof on the phone with his family.

PokerNews checks in with Dan Sindelar’s rowdy rail.

William Tonking may not have a ton of live results but that’s because he’s a New Jersey online cash game pro. According to WSOP, Tonking has taken a shot in the Main Event a couple of times before but for William, the third time was the charm. Sitting 7th in chips the 27- year old is hoping to run it up.

Billy Pappaconstantinou not only has a long name, he has a long tradition of being a champion – in foosball. “Billy Pappas” as he’s known, for obvious reasons, is a 5-time foosball champion and therefore, it can be concluded, he understands a champion’s mentality.

Then there’s the international contingency. Felix Stephensen from London by way of Norway sits 2nd in chips while 22-year old Andoni Larrabe, the baby of the bunch, also lives in London by way of Spain and he finds himself deep in only his 2nd WSOP.

Then there is Bruno Politano, the life of the party and the first Brazilian to grace the WSOP Main Event Final Table. While the WSOP rap sheet on him says that he plays poker as a hobby, he still has over 6-figures in lifetime cashes and played 10 WSOP events in his career. His rail not only brought life to the final table but even the fictitious mystery solving cowardly dog – Scooby Doo!

Let the hype machine begin as it’s nearly 4 months before these 9 strangers, sit at a poker table and stop being polite and start playing for real. The live finale of the Main Event takes place on November 10-11 on ESPN.

Want to read all the hand for hand action, check out the hard work of the PokerNews Live Updates Team.

Video: Check out PokerNews’ breakdown of the N9.

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Bryan “Devo” Devonshire Busting The Main Event Has Its Rewards

Fan favorite and perennial poker outdoorsman Bryan Devonshire entered the World Series of Poker Day 7 for the 2nd time in the past 4 years. While Devo busted out in 25th place, it’s not like he goes home empty handed.

The avid whitewater rafter will be floating on with a hefty payday. This mark the 2nd biggest in Bryan’s impressive career right behind his well-watched televised 12th place finish in the 2010 ME for $ 607,882.

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Disgraced WPT Champ Ali Tekintamgac Goes Directly To Jail For Being A Cheater

Ali getting three and change for organized poker cheating.

Remember this Ali Tekintamgac guy?

He’s the former WPT champion who allegedly used fake “poker bloggers” to relay to him the holdings of his opponents so he’d know if he should bet, raise, fold or what.

Back in 2010 Ali got busted for stealing signs at the now defunct Partouche Poker Tour (which Vanessa Selbst went on to win) and then again, this time for real, this past September by German authorities.

Turns out that Ali is going to have plenty of time to work on his game as last Friday he was sentenced to 3 years and 5 months in the pokey for cheating at the pokers.

According to PokerNews, Ali was busted back in September for fraud and running an “international cheating organization” that ran its game both at tournaments and live cash games. Ali, to his credit (we guess), reportedly pled guilty and the Augsburg District Court threw the book at him.

With good behavior and a little luck, Ali could be out in time for the 2017 November Nine.

Check out this video of Tatjana Pasalic interviewing Tekintamgac after he won the 2010 World Poker Tour Barcelona Stop:

Wow, that was intense!

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Friends and Family Remember The Life & Times Of “Downtown” Chad Brown

Yesterday, the friends and family of well-liked poker professional Chad Brown gathered at Binions in Las Vegas for a memorial service that remembered Chad on the felt, on the field and how he lived his life on his own terms.

Vanessa Russo, Nolan Dalla, Todd Brunson and Phil Hellmuth are but a few who shared kind words about Chad and pointed out that, at age 52, Chad was a man who lived with no regrets and was a man of such merit that the WSOP graced him with an honorary bracelet, the first and only time they have done that in 45 years.

Watch: “Downtown” Chad Brown Featured In Mini-Documentary

In the video above PokerNews takes us inside the memorial to hear some of the sentiments expressed by those who knew Chad best.

Additionally, Bluff Magazine has decided to name their Player of the Year trophy after Chad Brown, who was the Bluff Player of the Year back in 2006.

More on the Chad Brown Memorial and Charity Tournament:

PokerStars: Poker community gathers to remember Chad Brown, and a game well played

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World Series of Poker Main Event End Of Days Has Arrived, Jacobson Leads Final 27

November Nine to be determined today.

It is one of the most exciting days of the year.

It’s the last day of the World Series of Poker Main Event until the final table resumes in early November and there are 27 hopefuls battling for only 9 seats in the spotlight.

Day 6 ended with a familiar name atop the chip count leaderboard: Martin Jacobson. Jacobson, who led the way on Day 1A, finds himself an overwhelming chipleader headed into Day 7. Jacobson is no stranger to high-pressure tournament poker having amassed over $4.8M in previous tournament earnings but sitting with 22.3M in chips, Martin already has what will be slightly above average chips for the final table (22.276M).

Above Martin talks with PokerNews about how the table dynamics are always shifting as play gets down to the end. Below, Jacobson chats briefly with Bluff Magazine about how playing at the feature table can be less of a thrill and actually a little annoying.

Looking for updates as they happen on Day 7? Of course, check out the action at PokerNews

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Listen Up – Main Event Action Directly To Your Earholes

Andrew Feldman and Lance Bradley bring big stars to the ESPN airwaves.

There is a ton of great poker radio and podcasts out there for you to check out. All you need to is take a look at our big brother pokerfuse’s “This Week in Poker Podcasts” and you’re likely to find a little something to engage your poker brain.

While there’s always new and interesting listening to be had, this week in particular, one of the best to tune in to is ESPN’s The Poker Edge.

The week of the Main Event is when this podcast really shines and if you’re not checking it out, well, you should be. It’s not in-depth strategy, it’s not industry insider per se it’s recapping the days of the Main Event, bringing you the vibe of the Amazon room and interviews with poker’s biggest stars all in about 30 minutes.

All killer, no filler as they say.

Listen In: The Poker Edge

This week Andrew and Lance have talked with names like Riess, Selbst, Seidel, Hellmuth, Negreanu, Esfandiari, Moneymaker and even Phil Ivey. You see, these guys (and girl) can sometimes be hard to pin down for an interview by we-of-the-lowly-F5poker-media variety…but when ESPN comes-a-calling, they make time.

So if you have missed any part of the Main Event coverage from any of the various outlets, give this a shot – check out the Poker Edge.

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Scott Palmer – Jungleman’s Protege Putting Opponents In Danger At WSOP

Former online standout making waves in the 2014 WSOP.

Scott Palmer is no stranger to playing for tons of cash.

Prior to Black Friday, Palmer used to play in the nose-bleediest of games under the screenname “URnotINdangr2”, guided in part by Daniel “Jungleman” Cates. Today, it’s a bit of a different story. Palmer is deep in the World Series of Poker Main Event, vying for the $10M guaranteed first place prize, and he’s doing it all on his own.

For some background on Palmer read: Scott Palmer Made Millions from Online Poker Living at Parents’ House [PokerListings]

How is he doing it? Just “flopping the nuts”...multiple times and getting exceptional value out of these huge hands. And even though he’s played for big stakes in the past, the enormity of the event isn’t lost on him and his nerves are feeling it just a little bit. But it’ll be hard to bust him as he’s sitting with a ton of chips (3rd overall) headed into Day 6.

Not familiar with Scott? Watch more on Scott Palmer from the guys at PokerListings:

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Maria Ho Wants More Than The Last Woman Standing “Bit”

Maria not as excited the 2nd time around.

The first time poker pro and Heartland Poker Tour commentator Maria Ho captured the media generated “Last Woman Standing” title back in 2007, it made her famous.

In 2014, Maria is once again the “Final Participant With The Same Sex Chromosome With Tournament Chips In The Main Event” and while, yea, that’s kinda cool – she’s a different player now, with different goals, than when she finished in 38th place back in 2007.

Here, all patched up and ready to go, Maria talks with PokerNews about wanting more than a gender-laden title…she wants to do better, finish further and maybe even final table. Maria is going to need a few sick spots and a little luck to best her previous deep run as, entering Day 6, she’s dead last in chips (79th) and will return to roughly 8-10bbs.

But Maria at a final table would be fantastic and if you ask Norman Chad, it’s not just what Maria wants, it’s what we all want.

Bonus: Norman Chad talks with Remko about the types of storylines that make for good television.

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Mark Newhouse – Back In The Main Event Spotlight

2013 November Niner sits atop the leaderboard headed into Day 6.

Just over a week ago we called Mark Newhouse a “B-list pro.”

Read: Casting Call – Poker Players Wanted For WSOP Main Event Final Table

Now, the Wayfarer-wearing former November Niner is stacked with the chiplead headed into Day 6. With only 79 players left and the possibility of rejoining the Final Table, Mark has a real shot at becoming a household name amongst all poker players.

Newhouse, prior to last year, was known for winning a World Poker Tour title back in 2006. He, of course, finished in 9th place in the 2013 WSOP Main Event for $ 733,224 and now, incredibly, he’s making another run here in 2014 looking to make it back-to-back final tables.

In this clip Mark talks with Remko Rinkema from PokerNews about how his previous experience in this event is helping him deal with the pressure of trying to go back-to-back.

All day on Day 5 it seemed like Mark could do no wrong, taking out pocket Kings with AQss, knocking out AK with KQ, whenever Mark was in a hand, it seemed as if the cards were falling in his favor.

Here’s Mark talks with Bluff Magazine about how, while he table was tough, he felt good and ran better.

In the penultimate day of pre-November 9 play, the spotlight in on Newhouse as a return to the final table would likely be the marquee storyline of the ESPN broadcast…and I’m sure they’d like to have Jean-Robert Bellande sitting in the stands.

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