Mike “Timex” McDonald – The Pros Can’t Read His Poker Face

PokerStars asks which pro emotes the least.

Which of the top pros can really lock it in while in the middle of a hand? PokerStars asks a few top pros which players, in their opinion, have the best (and worst) poker face.

See what Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree and more have to say about which pros can keep their emotions in check, which ones can’t and who has the most unnerving staredown in the game.

(spoiler: it’s Timex)

Bonus PokerStars video: Check out the latest promo for the upcoming made-for-tv single table tournament The Shark Cage where getting bluffed will leave you both embarrassed and humiliated.

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Borgata Poker Turns Up The Heat In The Inaugural Garden State Summer Series

GSSS promises big pay out for minimal dollars.

It’s an all out New Jersey assault for the folks at Borgata Poker who, in addition to being in the midst of their prestigious Borgata Poker Open, are double dipping by launching a massive online series at the same time.

The first ever Garden State Summer Series is the online counterpart to the BPO and is looking to get you both inside the borders of New Jersey and online for some serious grind time.

Here’s the basics: 60 events, no less than $1,000,000 up for grabs.

TONS of events at every buy-in level and over a bunch of different variations of the game. No Limit, Stud, PLO – they got 'em. Bounty, 6Max, Satellites – it’s in there. There’s just a ton of events…

Read: GSSS Online Poker Schedule

For those of you already at the Borgata, grinding the live events here’s something to note. Borgata is now making it easier to get in the online game by accepting online deposits at the brick and mortar cage. Get snap credit to your account and if you’ve never played on their platform, enjoy some deposit bonus action.

So there you have it. Super simple stuff – Borgata is killing it all month, juicing every prize pool and letting poker players have all the fun. Just make sure you play with your head, not your rent and everything will be OK.

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WSOP Dealer “Elvis” Joe Shot And Killed In Las Vegas Home

News travelled around the poker community today that one of the more colorful characters of the World Series of Poker, “Elvis” Joe, a regular dealer at the WSOP for over 25 years, was shot and killed in his home.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, 30-year old Marjorie “Maggie” Fiora, an acquaintance of Joseph Levine, has been arrested for the fatal shooting.

Earlier, Levine was inside the residence while Fiora, 30, swam with two of Levine’s brothers. The three got out of the pool when Fiora, who was nude, went inside. The brothers told police they heard a gun shot a few minutes later, the police report said.

As Fiora ran away, she said, “I have to kill him,” to the brothers. One of the brothers wrestled the gun away from her as she ran, police said.

The 56-year old Levine was taken to University Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the chest where he was pronounced dead.

According to LVPD, Fiora fled the scene, broke into another house, stole a dress and told two people that she was running from her boyfriend who was trying to kill her. Police apprehended her in a different backyard a short time later.

Joe was hard to miss for WSOP attendees with his Elvis Presley-like features and occasional song for the players.

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Mark Newhouse Remembers The “Biggest Disappointment Of His Life”

Newhouse recalls how disappointed he was back in 2013.

Mark Newhouse made history this year when he became the first back-to-back WSOP Final Tablist in the November Nine era.

Here though, in a short promo video, he reflects on how it basically took him making that historic run to help erase the pain he felt from being the first to bust the 2013 Main Event.

Tired of being congratulated, a patched up Mark refers to his ousting in 2013 as “the biggest disaster of his life.” He’ll have a chance to really put that memory to rest this November as he sits 3rd in chips of the nine remaining and easily within striking distance of the overall chip lead.

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Home Game Heroes – Defeating Villains With DC Inspired Chipset

In poker, when describing a hand and talking about the actions of the opponent we often call them the “villain” while we, the one who took the bad beat, are the “hero.”

Now, you literally face down villains in your own home game with this pretty sick, nerd approved, poker chip set from DC Comics.

Check out the description from IGN:

Given that nearly every time we see villains idle in their secret hideouts they are playing poker, this is oh so fitting. The cards feature some pretty sick artwork from Kevin Nowlan, but the clincher is the sweet Crime Syndicate dealer chip modeled after the communication coin all of the villains got in Forever Evil.

Some of your favorite Super Villains represent: Joker, Bane, Evil Shazam, Bizarro and, of course, Lex Luthor.

Looking to get your hands on one? It’s a “steal at just under $100 – DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Poker Set

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Jason Koon, Antonio Esfandiari, Liv Boeree Find Burning Man To Be Pure Ecstasy

"This day was literally top 3 best days of my life ... TOP 3 lifetime" - Antonio Esfandiari

Bonding in the dust with these beautiful folks – Liv Boeree.

More photos surface from last week’s Burning Man Festival where a slew of poker pros went out to the Nevada desert to get their weird on. In this group shot, Antonio Esfandiari, Liv Boeree, Jason Koon and more sport massive grins before, what looks like, getting ready to go Beyond Thunderdome.

Check out a couple more pics after the jump.

Not familiar with Burning Man? Here’s a hilarious write-up of what might happen out in the middle of nowhere.

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Daniel Colman Crushes SHRPO For Over $1.4M, Surges To 3rd On All-Time Money List

Unprecedented heater for poker's young anti-hero.

One Drop winner Daniel Colman adds another title to his quickly expanding resume this week as he bested the field of nearly 1500 players and defeated Team Ivey pro Mike Leah heads-up at the 2014 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open for the first place prize of $1,446,710.

If that sounds like Colman has been winning more than his fair share of the money, it’s because he has. The phenom, while having had recorded cashes previous to this year, essentially skyrocketed from relative obscurity at the beginning of the year to now 3rd on Hendon Mob’s All Time Money List.

The former number 3? Phil Ivey.

How has he done it? Well, the One Drop $15M score didn’t hurt, but along with that he’s got three other 7-figure scores…this year—since April. Of course, in between million dollar scores he still managed to run decent as he also took 3rd in the WSOP Heads-Up Championship and 3rd in the Aria $100K for nearly $800K.

His total for 2014 sits at over $21M ($21,066,473 if we math’d it right).

That’s filthy.

The last time we’ve seen anything come close to this run would be Erik Seidel’s high-rolling heater back in 2011 when he amassed $5.5M in the first half of the year.

So, what’s next for Colman? Whatever it is – he’s not saying.

Read: One Drop Wizard Daniel Colman Takes Exception To ESPN Characterization

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PokerStars EPT 2014 PCA Main Event – Episode 5

Day 4 action with 72 left.

More James, Joe, sun and sand as Episode 5 of the PokerStars EPT 2014 PCA bring you all the highlights from Day 4 of one of the premiere tournaments of the tour.

With only 72 players left, there are still big names left in the field including Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, Mike McDonald, Marcel Luske and Max Silver. So, sit back and relax for an hour as Hartigan calls the action and Stapleton cracks the jokes from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Miss Episode 4? We got you.

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Heartland Poker Tour Gets It In With Bluff Magazine

In an effort to give the dedicated players of the Heartland Poker Tour a little more cred, the HPT has “strengthened their relationship” with one of poker’s premiere magazines, Bluff Magazine.

The pair, which had done a little “dating” in the past are seemingly now “going together” as the HPT is set to receive some increase exposure both online and inside Bluff’s popular print magazine.

Sure, the HPT will use the Bluff ranking system to determine their player of the year, which they have already been doing, but perhaps of more interest to the players themselves is that the stronger bond could mean a little more coverage (and notoriety) for the everyday grinders who find the reasonably priced buy-in of the HPT their premiere events.

Read: BLUFF Enters Media Partnership with Heartland Poker Tour

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Poker Night In America – Greg Mueller Is The Worst

Everything's coming up Mueller.

Episode 8 of the made-for-tv poker personality-fest that is Poker Night In America takes a focus on Canadian pro Greg “FBT” Mueller.

In addition to showing a few hands from the $25/50 mid-stakes cash game, Greg sits down with the producers to give them some of his deep thoughts on poker and life.

Looking for more PNIA? Check out episode 7 right here.

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Borgata Poker Open Guarantees $2M For Event #1

BPO starts today, more than $6.6M promised over 24 events.

Poker rooms are promising you value and guaranteeing you cash to come spend a little time in their presence and Borgata Hotel & Casino is no different.

The prestigious Borgata Poker Open starts today and between their live events and their online games over at BorgataPoker.com, they are promising $6.6M in prizepools.

What better way to kick things off than with a $2M guarantee for $500+$60 buy-in?

Yep, East Coast grinders – that’s happening. Right now. If you aren’t there yet, no problem – there’s a bunch of starting flights you can crush between today and Thursday. So, make an excuse to get there and get in.

Too soon? Too lazy? Again, Borgata’s got you. There’s a ton of online qualifiers that allow you to play on your couch and only make it to the Borgata once you ship that satty to a main event.

So, the basics are this: Borgata Poker Open is on now and if you were caught napping on it, here’s your wake up call to make some plans, have some fun and maybe even crack someone’s pocket Aces. (It’s cool though, you put him on Ace King).

No account? (Again) Not a problem. BorgataPoker is incentivizing you with all sorts of worthwhile promotions like deposit bonuses, newbie freerolls and whatnot so hop to and load up.

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James Carroll, Mukul Pahuja Play Multi-Level Poker

World Poker Tour spotlight shows the pros performing with zilch.

The World Poker Tour 2014 Shooting Stars featured a stacked final table in the city of San Jose. As this short excerpt will show, poker pros like eventual winner James Carroll and WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahuia actually don’t always “have it.”

In fact, it’s very likely, that quite often they don’t have much.

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Sorel Mizzi Appreciates Timely Information From Dan Colman

"Thanks for sharing that."

If had been following our posts of partypoker's Premiere League there’s a high likelihood that you’ve already gotten a laugh from this moment of sincerity between Premiere League Champion Sorel Mizzi and One Drop 'activist’ Dan Colman.

Mizzi and Jeff Gross find themselves in the middle of a hand when Mizzi’s spot, three-handed, warrants him pushing all in with A9. When Gross calls with his pocket aces, Colman decides this is the perfect time to speak up.

Colman: “That’s the worst possible hand to have against aces.”
Mizzi with the snap call: “Thanks for the 'fun fact’ buddy!”

Mizzi failed to improve.

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Liv Boeree Smoking Hot At Burning Man

Poker's "Iron Maiden" goes Xena Warrior Princess.

From Barcelona to Burning Man, poker pro Liv Boeree lives it up in the Nevada desert. In fact, Liv feels, right now, that it may be the best experience of her life.

Sorry Sanremo.

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Seminole Hard Rock Poker Boss “On Vacation” During $2.5M Overlay, High Roller Dispute

Perhaps it is a permanent vacation?

Seems like a funny time for the Director of Poker Operations for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, William Mason, to be “on vacation” but according to poker pro Scott Seiver, who was looking for some answers in the middle of a dispute during the SHRPO high roller event, that’s exactly where he is.

Granted it was Labor Day in the USA, but in the midst of what is arguably the Seminole Hard Rock’s biggest poker event of the year, which found itself needing to provide a $2.5M overlay, and on the day that they hold what is likely their largest buy-in event…ever…a $100K high roller tournament – when a decision is needed from the top, by an influential poker player – that dude is “on vacation?”

Totally understandable, and unfortunate, if that is code for “permanent vacation” as bosses at casinos aren’t often fans of giving away a free $2.5M. But, someone needs to be readily available and have ultimate authority in the midst of one’s signature event and a nearly $1M sit-and-go.

Seiver ended up in a dispute over payouts in the $100K “tournament” (which featured 9 runners) where the structure sheet/tournament rules says that 3 places were going to get paid but officials on hand declared it to be only 2.

At the end of the day though, the floor realized they had made a mistake by saying it would be only 2 and announced that the payouts would be re-set to 3…setting off the dispute.

After listening to Seiver’s argument, and finding someone with some decision making authority, SHRPO officials decided to see things Scott’s way.

While the official update states that players helped make the change. Not all of the players involved were happy – specifically Ryan Fee and Jason Mo.

As it sits right now – 2 places are going to get paid. Wonder why Scott was so adamant about only 2 places being paid?

More on this as it develops.

UPDATE: SHRPO, in order to avoid a disastrous live stream full of complaining, have graciously added $50K to the previously unpaid 3rd place finisher.

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Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Rocked By Massive Overlay

$2.5M added just to cover the $10M guarantee.


The overlay in the 2014 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open makes the founders of the ISPT look like bone fide math whizzes.

In case you hadn’t heard, the $5300 buy-in at the Florida Hotel and Casino whiffed big time on estimates on entrants for it’s SHRPO Main Event and are forced to add extra money to the prizepool to the tune of $2.5 MILLION.

Tournament Director extraordinaire Matt Savage was sounding the “Overlay Alert” siren early and often on Twitter this week trying to get people motivated to hop the first flight to sunny Florida.

The event, which was one of poker’s biggest success stories just a year ago in 2013, found out the hard way (womp, womp) that in addition to value, promotion and a fantastic structure – scheduling is key.

With the holiday weekend (in the US) as well as value guaranteed tournaments in multiple spots (including Playground Poker Club in Canada and Winstar in Oklahoma) and a slew of notable pros having travelled to Europe for EPT Barcelona, SHRPO came up short. Really short.

If you take the rake of $300 for each of the 2,384 entries and apply it to the deficit, the event is still $1.78+M in the hole. What will this hold for the future of the event? Will they move to the less guaranteed “approximate prizepool” tag line or double down on the $10M guarantee and make it up next year?

Read more: Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Players Enjoy Free $2.5 Million

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