Daniel Negreanu – Single And Ready To Mingle

Daniel talks life and love with All-In Magazine.

All-In Magazine travels to the home of poker pro Daniel Negreanu for an in-depth interview and cover shoot. In this segment of the conversation, after some serious flattery from All-In’s Ryan Johnson, Daniel opens up about his love life.

Daniel, a notorious romantic, sees the light at the end of the tunnel with it comes to love, thanks to some revelations from his time with Choice Center. He chooses to focus his energy outward and not dwell on the woman who broke his heart a few years ago (who some believe is one time WPT hostess Amanda Leatherman).

Daniel knows his worth (so does The Hendon Mob) and he’s not looking to settle this time. So ladies, if you want to roll in his Mercedes, you’re going to have to treat this bracelet winner the way he knows he deserves. Check it out.

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Gruissem, Altergott Leap Into Alpha8

World Poker Tour thrills their pros in Johannesburg.

Sure, it takes $100k to get this kind of treatment, but the view from the rail is pretty cool too. Watch as the World Poker Tour loads the poker pros onto a bus and takes them on a tour of South Africa including visiting the house of Nelson Mandela just after risking their lives to jump from an extremely tall bridge.

It’s crazy.

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Julian Thew Goes Slow And Steady, Wins The Race

UK poker pro sits down with Sky Poker and talks truth about his poker journey.

This one is for all the late bloomers out there. If you didn’t know him already, meet Julian Thew. UK poker pro and family man who, found poker in his 30’s and went on to win an EPT in 2007 and amass nearly $3m in lifetime earnings here as a 45 year old.

In this mini-documentary with Sky Poker, Thew invites a crew into his house and sits down to talk about his humble beginnings, his late start, his poker struggles with family and friends and even where he think his career is going. It’s a slow paced tale of one man’s steady journey to the top of the UK poker scene.

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PokerStars Teaches The Basics Of Bluffing

No kidding, it's a video about bluffing.

PokerStars has been getting back to basics recently, pouring a lot of time and production energy into creating some 101 level videos for those new to the game. It’s in their best interest to do so, of course, as there always needs to be new blood to keep the game good. Here in this video, they talk about the basics of bluffing — the why and how to do it.

But…there’s another funny element to this video. In talking about what bluffing can do to your opponent the narrator says that when you bluff your opponents can “crumble and be very intimidated. They may act passively and fold better hands.” That phrase is accompanied by world-class player, the rarely intimidated, extremely active Antonio Esfandiari lazily throwing a hand away.

It goes on to say players may also “play badly and throw away their chips” with a video image of EPT Grand Finale Champion Glen Chorney looking very unhappy…as if he was playing badly due to a bluff. Those are some funny, unflattering characterizations of a couple of well-known players.

But, hey, that’s not the point. The point is – if you want some bullet points on pulling off a big bluff, PokerStars has got it. (Or do they?)

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Doug “WCGRider” Polk Keeps Calm In A Sick Isildur Spot

High-rolling hand analysis for the FTP Blog.

You don’t have to be a high-roller to appreciate this hand breakdown from one of the nose-bleediest players in the online game. Doug “WCGRider” Polk may not play one-house/two-house live, but in his own elemenet – the online arena – he’s willing to take on anyone at anytime. This includes one of the most feared names in the game Victor “Isildur1” Blom.

In this post for the Full Tilt Poker Blog, Polk gets put into a pretty sick spot holding a couple of aces and facing heavy pressure. It’s a candid analysis of his thought process and a detailed breakdown of how he read the hand. Incredibly interesting and informative stuff for the up and coming poker player.

“Is my opponent the type of player that is willing to put in 300 big blinds, at the highest stakes, against a tough opponent, on a complete airball?”

So, take a few minutes and read the hand history and see how Polk makes up his mind on what to do in this incredibly tough spot — it’s well worth it. It’s all here on the Full Tilt Blog.

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World Poker Tour Alpha8 Shows Players A Good Time

Pre-tournament party exposes high-rollers to local culture.

There’s nothing like getting a taste of the local customs to really experience a new culture. The high rollers that made the trip to Johannesburg, South Africa for the World Poker Tour Alpha8 tournament got just that when organizers threw them a little pre-party to welcome them to the event.

In this short video you can see most of the professional players clapping and having a good time while a couple look like they seriously need to find a bed. From left to right (we think) it’s: Cates, Gruissem, Gross, Esfandiari, host Lynn Gilmartin and a forlorn Mercier.

You can see Ivey wearing the orange shirt in the 2nd row and Seidel towering over the whole group in the back.

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Jeff Gross Busts Out Before The Alpha8 Begins

The "professional best friend" shows why he's the life of the party.

At the players party before the kick off of the World Poker Tour Alpha8 $100 Tournament in Johannesburg, South Africa, high rolling poker pro Jeff Gross decided to put a little twerk in before he started work.

Watch the fun-loving Gross go all out and not just stand there, but bust-a-move.

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Phil Ivey Goes Big Game Hunting While On Safari In South Africa

Ivey is one of 9 playing in the World Poker Tour Alpha 8 Johannesburg.

Arriving on a late flight, the People’s Champ Phil Ivey continues his media friendly demeanor as he stops to chat with Caitlin Fox from the World Poker Tour about playing in the Alpha 8 Super High Roller in Johannesburg.

Ivey, who apparently is both infamous and famous, finds himself very relaxed as he prepares to face the small field that has assembled at the Emperors Palace Casino in South Africa. With names like Jason Mercier, Antonio Esfandiari, Philipp Gruissem and Erik Seidel all taking a shot, Ivey is asked why he enjoys the WPT Alpha8 events.

It’s because he is, of course, treated like a king and the future Poker Hall of Fame member wants nothing more than to battle with the best. Plus, as soon as he’s done with this he gets to go on a one-of-a-kind safari. Sounds like an amazing $100k vacay.

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Sick Tricks – Master Manipulator Macoy84 Shows Off Again

These tricks are not for kids.

We’re not sure if Macoy84 is double jointed or just a dexterous dude with a lot of time on his hands, but here he is again, taking poker chip tricks to the next level. With his panache for piano and breakbeats plus his skill for handling poker chips, Macoy84 properly promotes his talent in his latest video.

You have to sit though a couple of promotional titles but there are some tricks that even the top tier pros would be unlikely to master. You know that Macoy84 probably tanks on every decision in a live game just to bust out some of these badass manipulations. Anyway, give him some love and check it out.

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Tony G To Play Sky UKPC As Part of “Farewell Tour”

Marquee names expected to show up for massive prizepool.

The Sky Poker UK Poker Championships are set to take place from Feb 17-23 at the Dusk Til Dawn Casino in Nottingham, England. The televised Main Event, a £1000 + £100 buy-in freeze-out with an expected £500,000 prize pool is starting to stack up as more than just big money, but big names, including Tony G, promising to be in attendance.

According to DTD owner Rob Yong, not only will the prize pool likely hit £600,000 with the massive amounts of satellite winners, but it’s also attracting some of poker’s most notable European names.

Tennis god and Team PokerStars sponsored player Boris Becker headlines a small army of noteables that includes WSOP bracelet winner and GPI European Award winner Barney Boatman, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot, Sensei Neil “Badbeat” Channing, Marcel “The Flying Dutchman” Luske, JP Kelly and UKPC lead ambassador and one of the best young players on the planet, the UK’s Sam Trickett. All of them are expected to be on the felt.

Maybe the biggest personality in the room though will be that of Tony G. Tony is reportedly planning on making this tournament one on his “farewell tour” of poker as he plans on stepping away from the poker tables and marching into Lituanian politics.

Will this be one of the last times players can be berated by The G?

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PokerTips Hangs The “Help Wanted” Sign

If you ever wanted to get into poker media, this may be your chance.

Do you know who Chad Holloway, Haley Hintz, Marco Valerio and Steve Ruddock are? Are you following Chris Grove, Mark Gahagan, Diamond Flush and Barry Carter on Twitter? Did you know that Joss Wood is a handsome man? If you answered yes to some of these, then this post is for you.

You are a poker media junkie.

Well, if you want to take a shot at not just reading about poker but writing about it, then Web 1.0 site PokerTips is looking for you. They are looking for a “hipster blogger” who knows their stuff when it comes to poker. If you’ve had your hand at writing before, even better.

The job will pay you between $30-40 for a 700 word article. So about 20 bigs at your $1-2 home game. Interested? Check out their job description and submit an application.

Interested in writing for free? Tweet @pkrgssp.

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Bad Beat Diaries — Cincinnati Horseshoe Pays While Borgata Soars

We all take bad beats, lets hope it's when the money is good.

We all have to endure a friends story about a bad beat, let’s hope the next time it’s because they have hit the bad beat jackpot at the local card room.

Take for instance Cincinnati’s Gary Costa. According to PokerNews, he ran his quad 7’s into the jack-high straight flush of Michael Humprhreys which triggered the Horseshoe Cincinnati's bad beat jackpot.

Costa, for being on the losing end dragged 6-figures home to the tune of $108,000 while Humpreys, for having the better hand, got half at $54k. Like in most cases, all those dealt into the action also picked up a piece of the pie as the remaining 6 players all walked with an extra $18k.

If you remember last month, the bad beat jackpot hit at a $1/$2 table at Harrah’s in Philadelphia: for $183,623.

If that sounds cool to you then you may want to consider booking a flight or whatever and getting your ass to the Borgata. They recently announced that their big bad beat jackpot (quad 10’s or better busted) is ready to burst and the prize pool currently has toppled the $400k mark. The Borgata blog states that the last time the jackpot his was just this past December when it reached the $476k mark, which makes one think that it’s due to hit again soon!

Bonus stuff: from the bad beat photographer Pat Lyons.

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David Williams, Jay Farber & Baby Jesus Play Strip Poker

Las Vegas' iconic Spearmint Rhino hosts Valentine's Day tournament.

If you ever wondered what a poker tournament at the Spearmint Rhino would be like, well today is your day to find out. Las Vegas’ most notorious “hot spot” is hosting the 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Poker Tournament tonight at 8pm PST and 2013 World Series of Poker runner-up Jay Farber and Team PokerStars Pro David Williams are expected to be in attendance.

Also expected is someone named Baby Jesus (we are really doubting the most famous one, and it’s for sure not the “late, great Big Baby Jesus aka ODB”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ol’_Dirty_Bastard).

A poker tournament in a strip joint could get our of control but we can only hope that everyone will be on their best behavior. After all, it is a gentlemen’s club.

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Eli Elezra, Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz & Billy Baxter Battle With Bellator, Join “Team Attack Poker”

Free-to-Play site site signs multi-year deal with mixed martial arts promotion.

Ultimate Poker and the UFC are finding a symbiotic relationship from being under the same “Ultimate” banner and now mixed martial arts promotion Bellator is looking to get in the poker game as well.

Officials for both Bellator and, the as-of-yet unlaunched free-to-play poker site, Attack Poker have announced a multi-year promotional deal. It will include ticket giveaways, “The Attack of the Night” segment during Bellator’s Spike TV broadcasts and Attack Poker signage in the cage. In fact they are already giving tickets away to the next “Rampage” Jackson fight.

While Attack doesn’t yet have live tables, they do have live pros. “Team Attack Poker” consists of a few well-travelled poker vets including the popular Eli Elezra, sandwich stealing Luke 'fullflush1' Schwartz and 7-time WSOP bracelet winner Billy Baxter.

“There will be a seamless integration between Bellator and Attack Poker that will be present from the moment we kick off our monumental Season 10 February 28th live on Spike TV.” said Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney.

Attack Poker calls themselves the “first innovative multiplayer online poker game utilizing the latest cost effective, cross-platform gaming technology capable of 2-D and 3-D game play.”

With that technology the company is hinting at player interaction with “Team Attack” while playing. The launch of the partnership, and the platform, is expected to take place at the kickoff of Bellator Season 10 from Mohegan Sun Casino on Spike TV.

You can catch all the action on Friday, February 28th.

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Jennifer Tilly And The Cure For The Icky Feeling Of Being A Poker Player

Our favorite actress gets more credit than she can handle.

We have no idea how we missed these videos from the 2014 PCA, but we’re thankful that Yahoo Sport Postgame unearthed them. In the video above Academy Award Nominee and our favorite poker playing actress Jennifer Tilly speaks to that horrible feeling every poker player has when they finish a sick losing session and vow to give up poker forever…until tomorrow.

What’s the only cure for the poker hangover? More poker, of course! Along with that Tilly gives insight into some of her poker secrets like subscribing to Phil Galfond’s Run It Once training site and the site he used to make training vids for, Bluefire Poker, and how she used to be a 16 tabling Supernova on PokerStars.

This video below is just as good as Tilly continues her conversation with Bluff Magazine’s Thomas Keeling about the Hollywood home game scene and what it’s like behind closed doors. In fact, most game are almost all done on credit and she admits that there has been a time or two when she’s been given more credit than she had in the bank at the time. Check them out!

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Jason Somerville Resumes Running, Puts Opponents To The Test

#RunItUp comes off hiatus.

Ultimate Poker pro Jason Somerville returns to the RunItUp studios feeling refreshed and ready to go. Playing some low-limit cash heads-up and baby SnG’s while talking about late night TV, his trip to the NJ/NY area and, of course, some strategy along the way.

While grinding a $7 SnG Jason’s mind wonders down the path of wondering what’s in store for his popular poker show and talking about how moved he was by the finale of the Tonight Show. So take 30 minutes and hang with Jason and when you get to the part about Jay Leno's farewell, you can just watch the finale here:

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Antonio Esfandiai Makes All Your Problems Disappear

The captain of "Team U" works the phones.

Antonio Esfandiari is a jack of all trades. For Nevada/New Jersey online poker site Ultimate Poker, he not only serves as their marquee sponsored pro, but also as the go-to guy for getting your problems solved.

Clearly needing to save up for the Big One for One Drop, Antonio puts some time in at the Ultimate Poker call center to handle a tech support problem or two and defend against the argument that it’s all “rigged.”

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Ivey, Timex, Ike Heading Up High-Roller Profit List

Early returns in 2014 finds Gruissem down nearly $1m.

It’s early. But never too early to talk about who’s winning and losing in the big buyin game of high roller tournaments. PokerOlymp compiled the data through the first three major high roller events of the year – the PCA $100k, the Aussie Million $100k and the Aussie Millions $250k – to see who is betting the farm (literally) and who is getting a return on their investment.

No surprise, after his massive $250k victory, Phil Ivey leads the profit list with over $3.2 million dollars having spent just $314k on buyins (less rake) for his nearly $3.6 million return. Trailing him is Mike “Timex” McDonald who has been crushing just about every tournament he’s entered this year. Timex is profitable to the tune of $2.4 million and then, in a bit of a surprise, Issac Haxton – who blasted off multiple bullets in both the $100 and $250k at the Aussie Millions – made that last shot count as he finds himself up over $1.4 million.

Who are the biggest losers? According to the chart Philipp Gruissem has entered 5 times to various high rollers and is sitting with a loss of -$863k. Dan Smith, John Juanda, Tobias Reinkemeier and Justin Bonomo all have over $500k in losses as well.

The most bizarre is Daniel Negreanu who unloaded 11 times into these various high rollers, winning $1.6 million, both only taking home $193k.

For the entire chart, check out the full article over at Pokerlistings.

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Phil Galfond Tackles Generation Gap In Poker

Professor of the "new school" hopes to build a bridge.

One of the most respected names of the first wave of “new school” poker pros takes to his RunItOnce blogspace to opine about the current discussion of poker’s personality problem and why the game, according to WSOP Champion Joe Hachem, “is dying.”

Coming at the problem from the original online grinder/new school set, Galfond talks in his very lengthy blog about a lack of respect between the old and new factions, the “nerd” factor of the young whizkids, and what the veteran can do to help the quality of broadcast poker.

It’s a lengthy read, not without its merits and for those of you who are very serious about poker it’s worth your time. Not really because this advice is going to apply to the majority of players who are out there grinding for a living or hoping to one day satty into a major event, but because it reminds us that respect at the table is needed for growth.

The old school can respect the advanced knowledge of the game of today’s youth while the youth can respect the life experiences of those who have been there and done that.

The blog touches on a large number of topics from Galfond’s personal experience on High Stakes Poker to some suggestions on how to make the nerds feel more at ease. So, if you have 5 minutes and an attention span, check it out.

It’s a pretty unique view, in so much that Galfond is one of very few players that came up in the early online arena and, solely based on his success in that arena, achieved enough notoriety to be featured on TV as an “online guy” before binking a major tournament.

Watch “talented Phil” vs. our Phil from Season 7 of HSP:

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- Something’s Bugging Liv Boeree

Australian wildlife gets the best of Boeree.

Liv Boeree, still hanging in the land down under after her time at the 2014 Aussie Millions, finds herself face to face with…something.

Signs point to it being an Australian Huntsman, or “wood”, spider.

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Drunk, Old and On Vacation – More Poker Stereotypes

The yuks continue in PokerNews' comedic series.

If you have played poker for any length of time then you have been at the table with one of these types of players: the vacationing gambler, the old guy dishing out wisdom on life choices, drunk guy and the table captain, dictating what everyone should have done and when they should do it.

Here, from the Crown Casino in Australia, comedy troupe leader Kristy Arnett assembles her ensemble of actors including PokerNews’ own Chad Holloway and Billy the Croc to have a little fun at the expense of the plethora of players who sit at the poker table.

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Attention Grinders — It Can Be Done

Family man Joe Nguyen hits two major scores in a calendar year.

Hard work and a little luck go a long way in poker. Take friend of F5, Joe Nguyen. Last year, after sataliting into the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Stars, he ran hot and bluffed his way to a 2nd place finish for a reported deal worth over $800,000 (as opposed to the listed $666k), and now he’s done it again.

This time, while for a little less dough, daily tournament grinder, family man and telephone repairman Nguyen takes down the Heartland Poker Tour Club One Fresno stop for over $75k. It takes a lot of hard work and yes, some luck, but Joe Nguyen is just like anyone else – including you.

Here’s that big bluff from the Shooting Stars:

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Jerry Yang — Hachem Comments Were “Uncalled For” and “Out Of Line”

2007 Main Event Champ defends himself to the HPT.

Jaymz Larson corners 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Jerry Yang during the recent Heartland Poker Tour stop at the Club One Casino in Fresno, CA.

Yang, ever gracious, thanks the HPT for bringing “real” poker to the nothingness of the Central Valley and then addresses what was on everyone’s mind (last week) and that’s Joe Hachem's hatchet job of his WSOP Main Event successors – Yang and Jamie Gold.

Turns out Yang is good pals with Gold and feels like Hachem was “out of line.” In fact he alludes to the fact that Hachem had just busted from a tournament to give him the benefit of the doubt, like maybe he was on tilt.

Either way, Yang didn’t take this affront to his ambassadorship lying down. Check it out.

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Heartland Poker Tour’s Homeless Population Problem

On-camera personality Jaymz Larson picks an occupied corner.

The Heartland Poker Tour blooper reel brings us some footage of lead reporter Jaymz Larson (yes, that’s how he spells his first name) trying to get an establish shot and basic report from outside the Club One Casino in beautiful downtown Fresno, CA. But Fresno’s gunna Fresno, so when he goes to crank out the report, he’s discovered the only person in a 50 foot radius has claimed the corner as their own and has something to say.

Watch as Larson delicately tries to get the shot off while allowing the resident to have their on-air say. It’s kinda fun because the person doesn’t seem too desperate, but it’s also kinda a bummer, right?

Hope the HPT bought them some lunch.

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Doug “WCGRider” Polk Finds Macau Is “Not His Speed”

Top tier online cash game grinder talks about betting the house.

From the Bluff Magazine Aussie Millions files, online high stakes crusher Doug “WCGRider” Polk talks with Thomas Keeling about his trip to Macau and playing at the highest stakes. In the short video, Polk admits that while he crushes the nosebleeds on Full Tilt Poker, the site of which he’s patched up for, he’s not into the mega-stakes of “one house, two house.”

Maybe someday he’ll take that shot but for now he finds Macau not really his speed as he doesn’t speak Chinese and he finds it hard to get in to those circles. Macau is like Vegas without the social elements, the fine dining or the nightlife—it’s straight degen behavior.

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Senior Citizens Getting Short Changed In Low Stakes Poker Game

Washington State continues its assault on poker.

A Washington State non-profit Senior Center is being forced to shut down their patrons low stakes card games due to a 2009 ordinance prohibiting playing for money. In one of the most ridiculous stories of government overstepping their boundaries you’re going to hear today, the center is being forced to end the game which have become popular with the local seniors and are both getting them out of the house, into the center and keeping their minds sharp.

Snippets and video after the jump.

Seniors at the 650-member Snohomish Senior Center had been playing illegally since 2009, when the city council banned “social” card games, The Everett Herald reported.
Unaware the ordinance applied to them, the seniors continued to play poker, bridge, pinochle and other games for cash. In December, the Gambling Commission shut down their game with a letter informing them the games were illegal and needed to end, according to the report.

According to Fox News.com, even though the seniors are playing for pennies, the Gambling Commission won’t carve out an exception for them right now. The center is hoping that with some attention, the city council may turn around and do the right thing by these citizens.

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The Story Of Don Johnson – How He Beat The Casinos

Bloomberg TV features the blackjack pro.

This is a pass-along post. The story of the blackjack player who took multiple casinos for millions of dollars has hit the airwaves of Bloomberg TV. We didn’t get a chance to review this one, so if you watch it and love it or hate it… hit us up with a review and we’ll update the post. If you want cliff notes of how Don Johnson did it, check out this summary from 2p2 poster Marc Desjardins.

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Phil Ivey Scores Big, Still Trails Negreanu By $2k All Time

People's Champ bags career cash in massive sit-n-go.

The rumors are true, Phil Ivey is the best on the planet. Well, that may be an overstatement considering Ryan Riess is still playing poker, but as of tonight there’s probably no happier tournament player on Earth.

Ivey, on a single bullet, took out all of his high-rolling friends in the Aussie Millions $250k Challenge for a massive $3,578,511.82 USD payday, the largest of his illustrious career.

While this is a feat to be celebrated for the leader of Team Ivey: he only needed to best 45 other total entries in order to get the job done. It’s one of the largest sit-n-go’s of all time and his cash in the 5 table tournament is good enough to put him back up to 3rd on the All-Time Money List (sorry, The Richest).

Let’s do the math! All according to Hendon Mob stats, with the victory Ivey adds $3,577,945 to his current 7th place standing on the All Time Money list total of $17,669,367 putting him at a massive $21,247,312 total lifetime. While his good buddy Daniel Negreanu, who also scored big in the $250k, previously sat in 3rd place with $20,131,363. His 4th place finish in this event nabbed him an additional $1,118,101 pushing Kid Poker to $21,249,464 in career cash.

Carry the one, add the 4…grab a calculator:

Daniel sits in 2nd place All-Time with bragging rights and $2152 more in lifetime recorded tournament earnings over Ivey.

Unless we did something wrong in which case, we’re wrong.

Looking for full details on what went down at the final table and who won what? Check out the full write over on the adult table on pokerfuse.

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Brian Rast Appears On “48 Hours”, Talks Gambling For A Living

Two-time WSOP Bracelet winner details ins and outs of the poker profession.

Check out this segment from popular CBS News program '48 Hours’ featuring WSOP Chip Reese Memorial Trophy Winner Brian Rast as he talks about the truths of being a professional poker player and gambler for a living. In this excerpt Rast, who has notched over $5.8 million in lifetime live tournament earnings, talks about the allure of winning a big tournament, being a mini-celebrity in Las Vegas and how, like small businesses in America, most ambitious poker players go busto at an amazing clip.

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Jean-Robert Bellande Dips His Toe Back In Online Waters

The original poker Survivor, Jean-Robert Bellande finds himself back in a semi-tropical state of mind as he heads to Cabo for some R&R and to do some fishing…online of course.

Bellande, after having hung out with his on-again, off-again backers, the Bilzerians for the Super Bowl, finds himself in a location where he can get some grind time in and claiming to have a bankroll to do it with.

I’m back on line Stars/FTP. Badugi anyone? #brokeonline

There’s someone in this picture who wishes the JRB was actually broke…so he couldn’t afford this pedicure.

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