Watch: Weekly Burn & Turn

In case you couldn’t tell, in episode # 30 of the Weekly Burn & Turn Robbie gets a little excited. Did he get another invite to the PCA? Or maybe he is happy to hear Shimi The Fish sing (if you liked Shimi’s acting, you won’t want to miss him singing this week).

Also on the show, you will get to see Robbie demonstrate the five stages of grief, and Matt Savage makes a guest appearance to give a clue for Name That Pro. Do you know which famous poker player hasn’t spent any money on toilet paper since moving to Las Vegas? Watch below to find out!

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Terrance Chan Fighting This Weekend!

Former High Stakes Poker Pro turned MMA Fighter, Terrance Chan, will be fighting again this weekend

Not having fought in months, Chan made the last minute decision to fight in the Underground Battle MMA in the Philippines after his fight in Hong Kong was cancelled. As you do.

In shape, having trained for months and now down to 139 lbs, Chan decided to fill a space and battle it out with MMA pro fighter Joco Mabute. For the fight, Chan will have to cut weight to 125!

“Fighters fight, so let’s do this shit” Chan said in a recent blog post – amen to that, bro.

You can watch the live stream here.

We are wishing Chan all the best!

If you’ve never seen Can fight, you can check out his first MMA brawl below.

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Poker Central’s 2016 Super High Roller Bowl Sells out 3 Months Ahead of Time!

The Super High Roller Bowl will take place at the Aria in Las Vegas from May 29th through June 1st. The final 7 players of the 49 player pool will battle for $15 million at the final table.

The winner will receive a cool $5 million. No surprises that the buy-in is big bucks at $300,000.

Sponsors of the event have also added $300,000 to the prize pool, making this a historic, negative-rake event.

Players we can expect at the tables are: Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Hellmuth, Erik Seidel, Daniel Negreanu and last year’s million-dollar winners Brian Rast, Scott Seiver, Connor Drinan, Timofey Kuznetsov, David Peters and Tom Marchese.

We can’t wait to see how the action unfolds. Only 75 days to go!

Check out some of the action from last year.

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Poker Pro Sam Abernathy Finishes Epic Ride from Vegas to LA

Dan Bilzerian will be $10, 000 lighter this week as Sam Abernathy smashes the $10,000 freeroll prop bet – Bilzerian having bet that Abernathy could not cycle from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 72 hours. Well, she absolutely nailed it and has the Go-Pro footage to prove it.! Conrgats girl!

Looks like Bilzerian will have to #ShipItToMama as Abernathy continues to own 2016 – having recently finished 3rd in the Aussie Millions Main Event.

Check out this epic hand as narrated by PokerStars Pro and poker live streaming mega star Jason Somerville.

Meanwhile hedge fund manager, Bill Perkins is waiting on Dan Bilzerian in an even bigger bet – giving him 48 hours to complete the same journey but for $1.2 million. – No freerolln’ here!

If anyone ever wondered what millionaires do when they get bored, obviously making outrageous prop bets is the answer.

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David Sklansky Releases Free Chapter on Hold’em Hand Ranges

TwoPlusTwo Magazine has published what is soon to be the latest addition to David Sklansky’s book, The Theory of Poker.

Sklansky’s thoughts on hand ranges are partially laid out in this month’s issue, and as he notes, “A version of this article will soon be inserted into my book, 'The Theory of Poker’. “

Check it out here if you are looking at learning about the strategy behind hold’em hand ranges.

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