Rounders Turns 20

Continuing the celebration of Rounders turning twenty this year, The Ringer now brings us “Going All In: An Oral History of Rounders” —which doesn’t disappoint.

In this amazing interview that takes us behind the scenes like never before, we get an insight into how the best poker film of all time was made and how Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich ended up in their iconic roles.

We also learn about Norton and Damon taking their method acting to the next level, by using their newly acquired poker skills to fleece the head honchos of Miramax the disgraced Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob.

The Ringer also bought us a Rounders The Rewatchables episode which you can listen to below.

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PokerStars Finally Folds Unfold Hold’em Poker

After running for almost two months, PokerStars has decided to fold its third new variant of the year—Unfold Hold’em Poker.

The game involved a never seen before twist on online poker that allowed players who folded the hand pre-flop to be back on the game.

The announcement to retire the game was first made on our big-brother site, pokerfuse. The decision was made following “a strategic review”, it was stated to pokerfuse.

The game can no longer be found on the lobby of dot-com, UK client and other clients where the game was available.

Could Fusion or Six Plus Hold’em (the two games which PRO discovered earlier) make its debut on PokerStars? We’ll find out soon.

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Run It Once Poker Announces Second Invite-Only Beta Testing

If you missed the opportunity to try out the much-awaited poker site Run It Once Poker during its first beta testing, then you should get ready because the operator wants you to try out the new software for real-money gameplay once again.

The site will open for another beta testing session on Wednesday, October 3 and it is expected this time around there will be more new features to try out including possibly the hand replayer, which had been disabled earlier.

Also, the good news is that for the first time the RIO site will have a Mac client along with the Windows Desktop client.

Once again, the testing will be open to the invite-only participants who will be randomly selected. Users can apply for beta testing by logging in to their site and click on “I Want In!”

If selected, invitees will receive a confirmation email. After confirming, the site will send all the details a day before the test begins. The site will once again be offering a deposit bonus as a gift. Players who deposit €10 will receive a free €30.

Previous testers will automatically receive an invite.

If you have more questions, check out Run It Once Poker: Everything You Need to Know on our big-brother site, pokerfuse. They answer all the questions you may have such as whether RIO Poker is available in your region, what games will be available, deposit/withdrawal methods, etc.

Also, check out our exclusive gameplay video below.

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Poker After Dark Returns with Short Deck Debut

Short Deck Poker, an exciting and fun variant of Texas Hold’em game that has been making headlines everywhere lately is now being hosted for the first time in the history of Poker After Dark.

Big Three week features a two-day cash game mix of No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Short Deck (also known as Six Plus Hold’em). Blinds are $100/$200 including a $200 big blind ante for NLHE and PLO while Short Deck features $100 ante from every player on the table and a $200 button ante. Minimum buy-in is $20,000 and Short Deck is played with a $20,000 cap.

Among the players to participate are partypoker ambassador Ike Haxton who recently shipped a Short Deck tournament, Ben Lamb, and Brandon Adams. Ryan Tosoc, Jonathan Depa, and Justin Ligeri are also confirmed to join the lineup.

The game will be live-streamed tonight on PokerGO.

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Ouch! Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Loses $2.35 Million Pot

Watch the craziness unfold in one of the biggest poker pots ever televised.

When you place a straddle bet, you would really hope to see hands like pocket Kings or Aces, and that’s exactly what happened to Paul Phua, a Malaysian businessman and poker player.

At the recent Triton High Roller Series in Jeju in a $1 million buy-in cash game, a massive pot built up between Tom Dwan and Paul Phua. Blinds were 3M/6M/6M with a 12M straddle in the local currency.

Paul straddled and Dominik Nitsche raised, then Tom sees Ace Queen and decides to 3bet to 120M only to see a 4bet from Paul who woke up with Aces.

The pot had already gone up to $431,100 and after some tanking, Tom goes all-in for his remaining $1 million. Paul who had been smiling and laughing continuously throughout the hand, calls instantly to take down the massive $2,353,500 pot. After Dwan loses, he announces that instead of trying to get even with Phua we was going to try his luck at Six Plus Hold’em.

Watch the fierce battle between Tom Dwan and Paul Phua as it creates one of the biggest televised poker pot here:

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