Triton SHR Series Returns to Montenegro With 10 Events

The Triton Poker Super High Roller Series will return to Montenegro’s Maestral Casino & Resort for its second stop this year from May 5 – 17 2019.

Compared to the previous year, the series has significantly increased in size. There are 10 events spread over 13 days including three new events. Buy-ins range from €11,000 to €110,000.

For the first time, Triton Series will host Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck Turbo and No Limit Hold’em Turbo events.

Also, this year there will be Main Events for both Short Deck and No Limit Hold’em variants. The €110,000 buy-in Triton Montenegro No Limit Hold’em Main Event takes place on May 8, while the €110,000 buy-in Triton Montenegro Short Deck Main Event begins May 15.

“I could be biased because I ran really well last time, but Montenegro maybe my favourite poker stop in the world,” said Triton Poker and partypoker ambassador, Jason Koon. “I would wake up daily, and the sea was 15-feet from my room, and I could walk down and jump in before I played.

“It was also wonderful having the poker room being so close; everything is so convenient, and on top of that you get the old world beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else. I really look forward to going back there and playing again,” Jason added.

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UFC Themed Spin & Gos Coming to PokerStars

Last week, our sister site, pokerfuse revealed that UFC-themed Spin & Gos could soon be making their way to the PokerStars client.

Today, The Stars Group, parent company of PokerStars, finally showcased the product’s gameplay screenshot in a presentation held in New York City for Investor Day. This suggests that the UFC-branded Spin & Gos could be launched any day now.

Although pokerfuse had speculated that the game could be played 4-handed with the possibility of it involving a bounty element, it appears that won’t be the case, as looking at the image posted above, UFC Spin & Gos appear to be played as standard 3-handed Spin & Gos with no bounty involved.

It could well be more a promotion than a new Spin & Go variant, much like what we saw during the FIFA World Cup last year when PokerStars introduced the football-themed Spin & Goal, offering a random prize up to $1.2 million on a buy-in of just $5.

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Do Twitch Steamers Have Bad Taste In Music?

After playing Lily Allen’s “Apples” for 30 minutes straight on a recent stream, one Twitch viewer took to Reddit to complain about AllinPav’s apparent “awful” taste in music.

The viewer with Reddit handle “jonovan” said about the stream: “I’ve never found a streamer whose music I felt improved my viewing experience, but just now ALLInPav just played Lily Allen “Apples” for, like, 30 minutes? Maybe he gets a kick out of trolling his viewers, but, guess what, I don’t really like getting trolled. I want to learn, not be annoyed. Never watching him again.”

Not missing a beat, AllinPav took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

AllinPav is part of partypoker’s Team Online. He has also been part of Doug Polk’s Grind Nation —a collective of Twitch streamers bought together to help grow poker.

You can read the thread here which features comments such as:

Aren’t you an entitled little shit? You get free content from streamers who give you high end not only entertainment but also teach you how to become a better poker player yourself? Without charging you a single dime? Open your eyes and grow the fuck up. He is free to play whatever music he wants, and you are free to leave, but don’t make these useless shitposts that hardly pertain to poker to begin with, and only put other people down especially dedicated streamers.

Isn’t Reddit a wonderful place.

And for those unfamiliar with Allen’s song, as I was, here it is:

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Jason Somerville Wins Big On The Video Poker Machines

Jason Somerville only just got a $20,000 pay day on the Video Poker machines!!

Looks like he’s not the only one getting lucky on the VP machines at the moment.

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WATCH: Steve O’Dwyer on I Am High Stakes Poker

Lee Davy sat down with high stakes poker pro Steve O’Dwyer last summer in Montenegro, to interview him as part of the “I am High Stakes Poker” YouTube series for the Paul Phua Poker channel.

It’s revealed during the interview that O’Dwyer turns down 99% of all interview requests, so this is quite a unique opportunity to get to know what makes O’Dwyer tick. With over $22 million in cash game earnings to his name, O’Dwyer knows a thing or two about what it takes to get to the top of your field.

O’Dwyer may at times comes across as reticent to answer some of Davy’s questions, but Davy is ever affable making the interview run smoothly and cohesively.

Check it out below.

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