Watch the Second Annual Global Poker Awards Live Stream for Free on PokerGO

In just a few hours, the much-awaited second Annual Global Poker Awards will be held live in Las Vegas at the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino.

And for the second consecutive year, the awards ceremony will be live-streamed on PokerGO and you can watch it for free here.

A total of twenty-five gold trophies will be awarded to a variety of poker players and industry personalities to commemorate their success and achievements in 2019.

Our very own industry expert Nick Jones has been nominated for the Journalist of the Year category and we wish him all the very best!

Popular podcaster and investigator Joey Ingram is also in the race for the Journalist of the Year category along with three other categories.

Fan-favorite Daniel Negreanu has been nominated for two awards categories including the Vlogger of the Year and Podcast of the Year.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by the two well-known poker personalities—*Maria Ho* and Drea Renee.

The ceremony takes place live at the PokerGO Studio at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET/2 am CET. It will be live-streamed on PokerGO website.

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GGPoker Rolls Out New River Card Squeeze Feature

If you like a sweat at the poker tables (and who doesn’t) GGPoker has a new feature for you.

In certain circumstances, players are now able to squeeze (slowly reveal for dramatic effect) the river card to add a little extra excitement to the game.

To be able to squeeze the river card you bust be the favorite in the hand or have remaining outs, and the size of the pot must be:

  • Over 100BB at Hold’em, Omaha, Rush & Cash, and Chinese Hold’em tables
  • Over 100 Antes at Short Deck tables

In tournaments and in the new Spin & Gold games, you can squeeze the river if you or your opponent are all in.

The new squeeze the river feature is not available at All In or Fold tables or when you have the option of Run the board multiple times.

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Win Up To 60% Cashback in Spin & Gold Challenge at GGPoker

To help celebrate the release of the new Jackpot Sit N Go game at GGPoker, Spin & Gold, the site is also offering players a way to win some additional cashback through its Spin & Gold Challenge promotion.

Challenges are available for all size bankrolls with the biggest challenge offering a $500 reward! Plus, you can try to complete as many challenges as you like, allowing you to compile multiple prizes.

To get started, sign up for an account and download the software (and don’t forget to take advantage of the generous Welcome Bonus available at GGPoker).


  • Opt-in by clicking the Spin & Gold button on the upper left corner at the lobby or if you’re already at the tables, you can find the opt-in button in the upper left corner.
  • Choose a duration of time that you will play – the longer you play, the more rewards you can achieve.
  • Select a Challenge. The more gold you mine, the bigger the cashback reward you can win.

The amount of gold you receive goes up as the buy-in increases. You get gold just for playing, but you will get even more for finishing 2nd and the winner will get the most.

Your challenge starts as soon as you opt-in, and you can opt-out of a challenge at any time; however, any gold you accumulated during that challenge will be lost. You must finish a challenge to claim your prize.

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The Spin & Gold Challenge promotion is not available in the UK

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