PokerStars Schedules Marathon Edition of MicroMillions

The popular low-stakes MicroMillions series has returned but condensed into a four-day Marathon schedule guaranteeing over $2 million in prize money.

In case you missed it, PokerStars is running the Marathon edition of its ever-popular low-stakes online tournament series, MicroMillions.

Kicked off yesterday and scheduled to run until Halloween, over 100 micro and low-stakes tournaments have been squeezed into the four-day schedule, guaranteeing $2 million.

It may not sound a lot as PokerStars is known to run huge tournament series with 15-25 times bigger prize money and sometimes even in nine-figures, the $2 million guarantee is actually quite ambitious considering the buy-ins are just limited to $5.50 in most cases.

About two dozen of the tournaments are priced at $1.10 giving players plenty of opportunities to boost their bankroll. A couple of the events have an entry fee of $11 including the PLO Main Event boasting a $50,000 guarantee.

On Halloween night, PokerStars’ fan-favorite Sunday Storm will have its buy-in cut by half but will guarantee the usual $150k. This means that it will need to attract over 30,000 entries to cover.

On the same night, the NLHE Main Event will also run, promising an even bigger prize money of $500,000. The buy-in for this event is set at the usual $22.

Plenty of satellites are running for these big events starting as low as 27 cents.

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GGSOP Returns to GGPoker With More than $7 Million Guaranteed

Global newcomer GGPoker is hosting the low-stakes Good Game Series of Poker for the second time, with $7.25 million in guaranteed prizes.

Over the past couple of years, GGPoker has come out of nowhere to become one of the largest online poker operators in the world, continually fighting with rival PokerStars for the top spot in cash game traffic. As the official international partner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)WSOP, it got a huge boost with the all-online 2020 WSOP festival and has not looked back.

After the success of this year’s international online component of the WSOP, GGPoker is looking to the lower-stakes crowd with another big festival, running now on the client. The Good Game Series of Poker (GGSOP) is back for a second time, offering high-value, low-priced events for 15 days of bargain-priced poker action.

The series got underway on November 23, but there is still a lot of value left in the series. Games in the series start as low as $2, and most games are $50 or less. There are a couple of larger games, like the $150 GG Masters with a $500,000 guarantee, but there are also several high-value, low-cost games.

Themed after the larger recent WSOP series, events in the GGSOP mirror that series in many cases, just with lower price tags. One of the biggest games for the lower-stakes crowd will be the $250,000 guaranteed Millionaire Maker Jr for just $15.

There will also be three shots at $1 million guarantees for just $50 in three different editions of the GGSOP Million$, and the $50 GGSOP Main Event promises a prize pool of at least $200,000. There will also be a $25 FLIP Ladies Event with $100k guaranteed to whet the appetite of women players.

The series runs from October 23 to November 7, with the GGSOP Main Event running on Nov 6. Games and satellites are available in the lobby now at GGPoker.

If you don’t have a GG account yet and want to learn more about how to get the best GGPoker Welcome Bonus, how to download the mobile app, what games and tournaments are offered, and why it is ranked one of the top online poker sites in the world, then check out the comprehensive GGPoker Review on our sibling site pokerfuse.

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PokerStars 20th Birthday Means Presents for Players

Global poker juggernaut PokerStars celebrates its 20th birthday in November with a slate of big guarantees for players.

While there are many places where players aren’t even allowed to play till they are 21, 20-year-old PokerStars has already been in the business for two decades. To celebrate the milestone, the operator is giving back to players with a huge series called The Big 20.

The promotion runs through the entire month of November, with super-charged prizes for its regular Daily Cash Game and Spin & Go Leaderboards. Rules stay the same for these promotions, but the rewards will get juicier during the birthday bash.

The big promotion is The Big 20, a series of 20 tournaments themed around the anniversary celebrations. These games will be set up to commemorate PokerStars greatest moments over the past 20 years, and will all have inflated guarantees to say thank you to players.

The Big 20 festival culminates with the $5M guaranteed Big 20 Finale. While $5 million isn’t the biggest guarantee ever in online poker by a long way, it represents a very healthy guarantee for a game with a price as low as $55.

That means the game will need 100,000 entries to hit the guarantee, something that is not unprecedented. PokerStars holds the current record for largest field size in an online tournament with 225,000 in a capped game from 2013, but that was in a $1 buy-in with just $300,000 guaranteed.

There could be big value in the Big 20 Finale and other games in the Big 20 festival this month. Whether the guarantee is met or not, there will be a lot of money to be won, and the chance to be part of one of the largest fields in online poker history.

Full details are still coming in—check out pokerfuse’s rundown of the upcoming festivities and plan your shot at some of the birthday presents PokerStars will be handing out to players in November.

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WSOP Adds Main Event Start Days as International Travel Opens

The US government announced travel restrictions lifting Nov 8, and WSOP responds with additional Day 1s for the Main Event to accommodate international players.

One of the open questions for the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was how many international players would make it for the series. With the US still restricting travel directly from much of the European zone, and the rest of the world, the only option many international players had to make the early part of the series was a 2-week quarantine in Canada or Mexico prior to entering the US.

The US government recently announced a loosening of restrictions starting on November 8, that would allow direct travel from much of the world with just a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the flight. However, that Nov 8 date made it tricky for the Main Event, which was originally scheduled to play its last Day 1 on Nov 7.

While players might still have been able to make the Day 2 late registration period, the timing was still very tight. To accommodate those players, the WSOP moved quickly to add two more starting days to the Big Show.

There will now be a Day 1e on Nov 8, and a Day 1f on Nov 9. That Day 1f will be running alongside Day 2abd, with the Day 2 for flight c, e, and f running Nov 10 and Day 3 going on Nov 11. The schedule change also removed the day off that was originally scheduled before the final table, so Day 8 will run on Nov 16 with the final table playing out the following day.

The timing will still be tight, as players will have just a couple of days leeway between the border opening and the Main closing, but the extra two flights will certainly take some of the pressure off of international travelers. See below for a full schedule of the revised Main Event.

WSOP 2021 Main Event: New Full Schedule

Date Time (PST) Main Event Day
Thu Nov 4 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1A
Fri Nov 5 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1B
Sat Nov 6 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1C
Sun Nov 7 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1D
Mon Nov 8 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1E
Tue Nov 9 Midday 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 1F
Tue Nov 9 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 2ABD
Wed Nov 10 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 2CEF
Thu Nov 11 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 3
Fri Nov 12 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 4
Sat Nov 13 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 5
Sun Nov 14 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 6
Mon Nov 15 11 am 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 7
Tue Nov 16 1.30 pm 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 8
Wed Nov 17 1.30 pm 2021 WSOP Main Event Day 9
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Pennsyl-MANIA Treats Players with Pre-Halloween Fun

There is $350,000 guaranteed in PA on Oct 24 in the fifth running of Pennsyl-MANIA

Get ready for some pre-Halloween poker fun as PokerStars PA puts on Pennsyl-MANIA for the fifth time. There will be $350,000 guaranteed in the $300 buy-in game that runs October 24.

While most of the world will be getting their Halloween costumes sorted, poker players in Pennsylvania will have other things on their minds the weekend before Halloween. PokerStars PA is putting out a treat bowl with $350,000 worth of treats to be given out to finalists in Pennsyl-MANIA.

One of the features that makes this game stand out, over and above the big guarantee, is the low rake. Of the $300 total buy-in, players will be playing for $280 of it, with the operator taking just $20 for fees. This 6.66% rake is quite low for the industry and means most of the money spent is being retained by players.

There’s a good chance they’ll be playing for more than $350,000 as well. In the previous four runnings of Pennsyl-MANIA, only one game has overlaid, to the tune of about $70,000, but that was also in a game with a very optimistic guarantee of $500,000.

Every other Pennsyl-MANIA game has broken its guarantee, so it seems pretty likely this one will as well. The game starts at 5 pm on Sunday, Oct 24, but there are lots of ways to book a cheap ticket before then as well.

Satellites are available in the lobby of PokerStars PA starting as low as $15, but there’s even a free way to get into this game. There is a special Depositors Freeroll on Sunday before the event with 50 Pennsyl-MANIA tickets guaranteed, and you can get your ticket to it simply by topping up your account with $30 or more using the code PAMANIA21 before the 24th.

Have some pre-Halloween fun at PokerStars PA, and get a piece of at least $350,000 worth of treats in Pennsyl-MANIA this weekend.

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NJ Classic Guarantees $100,000 in Pre-Halloween Treats

The New Jersey Classic runs Oct 24 with a Halloween treat bowl worth at least $100,000.

With Halloween a week away, New Jersey online poker players have the chance to get some advance practice with their scariest moves on the felt on October 24 in the $100,000 guaranteed NJ Classic. The $300 buy-in features a very low rake, with only $20 of the buy-in going to PokerStars, and $280 in the prize pool for players.

The weekend before Halloween, PokerStars NJ is having a party. Costumes are optional, but there will be treats for players provided by PokerStars. The $300 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed NJ Classic starts Oct 24 with Day 1, and finishes out on Oct 25 for the final day.

The NJ Classic is just one of three games running in the three US markets PokerStars operates in. There is a similar game, the MI Classic, going on in Michigan, while Pennsylvania PA is running Pennsyl-MANIA on the same date.

There are also plenty of ways to get into the party on the cheap. While the retail price is $300, there are satellites running in the client now with multiple changes per day to win a ticket to the game starting at just $15, but some lucky players will even play the Classic for free.

In addition to the regular satellites on the schedule, there is also a New Jersey Classic Depositor Freeroll starting at 2 pm on Oct 24. There are 50 tickets up for grabs in this free-to-enter game, but the catch is, players need a ticket to get through the gates.

It’s easy to bag a ticket though. Just make a top-up deposit of at least $30 to your existing account (or the first deposit to your new account) using the code CLASSIC21 and you’ll get your free ticket to the satellite game, and a chance to get into the NJ Classic for free.

The NJ Classic starts on Oct 24 with the first of two big days of poker at PokerStars NJ. Jump into the client now to find your satellite spot for the big party this Sunday!

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