partypoker Raises Your Game With Tips on 3-Betting

Learn the theory, use it in practice.

Don’t get caught playing passive poker! There’s a long term sentiment in the game that “aggressive poker is winning poker” and in order to ramp up your aggression – you gotta 3-bet.

So whether you are a new to the game or have 3-betting as part of your regular routine, check out this strategy video from partypoker's resident online grinder Josef Rantamaki as he gives you some tips and tricks on throwing the villains off the scent of how you are playing. Ramp up the aggression in your game and begin better 3-betting.

Hell, this concept is so important someone started a poker clothing company based on it. So pretend to get some work done, watch this video and then put it into practice.

More strategy from partypoker: partypoker Provides Pre-Flop Practice For Ballers And Beginners

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