Doug Polk’s Bankroll Challenge Is Back

Following a summer hiatus, Polk is back to his Bankroll Challenge, trying to run up $100 to $10,000.

The challenge started back in August, and although there wasn’t ever a deadline set for his challenge, after polling his Twitter followers at the time 40% thought it would take him between 4 – 8 weeks to run it up. Oh, just how wrong they were.

You can keep up with the challenge over on Upswing Poker here.

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The Real Winner Of the WSOP: The IRS

Thanks to PokerListings we can find out who was taxed the most at the WSOP Main Event final table — with it being revealed that the main event winner, Qui Nguyen, takes home $4,682,153 of his $8,005,310 prize.

Over $3.3 million to the tax man. That’s got to hurt!

The article goes on to reveal that “both Kenny in 6th pace and Vojtech Ruzicka of the Czech Republic in 5th place are estimated to have taken home more than 4th place finisher Michael Ruane of the USA after tax.”

First rule of playing the Main, move to the UK first.

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WATCH: The ElkY Diaries

For all you ElkY fans out there his latest vlog covers his recent trips to TwitchCon 2016 and the Monte Carlo Big One for One Drop event.

(Although professional poker players were not allowed to play in the event they were allowed to act as coaches during the event and attend and from watching the video, the hotel and casino looks sweet AF.

You can also watch ElkY’s Life of Cards episode here to find out more about the man.

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You Can Get Free Spins at A Dozen Online Casinos

If you spend any amount of time on the internet (and we know you do), then instead of surfing cat pics or flaming some poor poster in a forum somewhere, why not put some of your time to good use and try to win some cash.

Did you know that there are online casinos where you can get Free Spins No Deposit Bonus? That’s right, they let you spin for free and you don’t even have to make a real money deposit.

Many of the big named reputable online casinos have this type of offer, and all you need to is be a new player that signs up for an account, and just like that you will be pushing buttons for free with a chance to win real money.

Plus, you can use the generosity of several of the online casinos to greatly increase the chances that you bink some cash. With so many online casinos offering free spins, the chances of turning one or more of those free spins into cold hard cash goes up.

That’s right, there are no rules preventing you from opening new accounts at more than one of these casinos, and you will get free spins as long as you make sure that free spins are on offer and that you haven’t already opened an account there before, because remember, these special promotional offers are only valid for those players opening new accounts.

Also, don’t delay. Many of these free spin offers are only available through the end of the year and believe it or not it’s already November. Plus with the holidays coming up you might forget or run out of time, so make sure you take advantage of these special offers now.

But don’t take our word for it, head on over to CasinoKiwi and check out all of the offers they have, after all, it’s not like those cat pics are going to make you any money right?

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StarsFun Skills Zone Adds to Festivities at PokerStars Festival in New Jersey

The Atlantic Ballroom at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey is the scene of the all new StarsFun Skills Zone. Those attending the new PokerStars Festival event in New Jersey can not only blow off steam while taking a break from the poker tables, but they can take the opportunity to even get in a little extra action.

That’s right, in New Jersey it’s legal to actually bet on games of skill other than poker, so you can try your hand at a hole-in-one miniature golf progressive contest, a basketball shooting progressive contest or even a progressive pinball competition.

Plus, there are free-play games too like ping pong, darts, Foosball and even Cornhole.

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Negreanu & Harman on The Full Contact Podcast

The latest Full Contact Podcast from Daniel Negreanu does not disappoint.

As well as having his long time buddy and Poker Hall of Famer Jennifer Harman on the show, Negreanu talks once more about William Kassouf and his problems with the way the floor handled his speech play; and gets Justin Pechie on the phone who actually played with Kassouf at the WSOP to get his take on it.

Harman opens up about the Full Tilt Poker fall out after Black Friday (she was once a team pro for Full Tilt); her Coors Lite heaters and how her poker career began at low stakes NLH.

Listen to the podcast below.

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The Final Table Premiers on CBS Sports Network

The Final Table from CBS aired on October 30 and will continue to air on Sundays at 11 p.m. ET.

The new show is being billed as “a poker show with a twist that brings together live commentary on the felt, fun comedy segments, and a fresh new studio element that offers both analytical insight and shock value.”

Watch the trailer below.

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William Kassouf Gets His Very Own Black Mirror Episode

This Black Mirror parody from SrslySirius is the best use of time I have seen since Adrian Fenix put together his best drunken moments.

It will shake you to your core and is the way I have felt after watching many hours of the WSOP Main Event coverage.

If Charlie Brooker is a poker fan, I hope he approves.

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