A United Front: Finally The Poker Community Agrees On Something

When Tim Ferriss the author of The New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek put out a tweet asking for interview questions for Phil Hellmuth — who will appear on his podcast Fear (less) — I doubt he thought it would bring together the long since polarised poker community as one united front.

With an out pouring of comments from the likes of, Dan Smith, Jason Mo, Terrence Chan, Issac Haxton, Ryan Fee, Fedor Holz, Oliver Busquet, Dan O’Brien, Daniel Cates — it was a veritable who’s who of the poker community all agreeing on one thing: that Ferriss should probably just interview someone else.

The comments ranged from suggesting interviews with other prominent poker players such as Liv Boeree or just anyone else to suggesting Ferriss grill Hellmuth about his dealings with Ultimate Bet.

We are guessing that although this means the poker community can finally agree on something neither Ferriss or Hellmuth were probably expecting such a reaction. Let’s just say, shit got nasty.

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Dan Smith Matching Charity Donations Up To $175,000

Wow. Dan Smith is doing something really remarkable.

He is matching charity donations up to $175k to a choice of 9 charities between now and the end of the year. This comes off the back of his successful 2015 charity drive with Dan Colman where they pledged to match donations up to $70,000.

This year Smith will match donations made to: The Against Malaria Foundation, Give Directly, Massachusetts Bail Fund, Just City, Liberation Prison Yoga, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Zendo Project, Open Philanthropy and 350.org.

All you need to do is donate and then email a receipt to [email protected] — following which, Smith will match your donation!

Each charity is tax deductible in the US.

In an interview over on PocketFives Smith said the idea came from a New Year’s resolution to give back to the world.

And he certainly is.

Go here to read more about Smith’s mission over on his blog and get more details on each charity.

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Everything You Need to Know About The GTO Club

In Joey Ingram’s latest video he tells us all we need to know about his GTO Club.

Also the length of his video is very GTO at 13 minutes (usually his videos are looooong) —so find out more about the club and how to join below.

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Is Jake Cody Going To Be The Casey Neistat of the Poker Vlog?

Team PokerStars Pro, Jake Cody has made his foray into the world of poker vlogs —with his first attempt getting uploaded to YouTube over the weekend. Already it has been viewed over 4,000 times. Not bad for his first attempt.

The production quality looks slick and the vlog is a mixture of a day in the life of and poker hand analysis.

It’s the best poker vlog we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch out Casey Neistat, Cody may be coming for you.

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WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Beat The Clock

Beat The Clock is the new game from PokerStars that builds on the love of tournament poker, but is designed for those short on time. And the marketing department over at Stars has chosen none other than their SportStar Team PRO Cristiano Ronaldo to be the face of the campaign — but is anyone else finding his tiger face a little bit frightening?

Maybe it’s meant to entice players to try to tame the beast?

Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts.

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Check Out Ryan Fee’s AMA

Upswing Poker’s Ryan Fee took to Reddit on Monday for an Ask Me Anything segment.

Taking over three hours answering questions for users on video, Fee covers all sorts of topics from how he and Doug Polk first met back in the day, to why PLO is his favorite poker variant.

You can read Fee’s full AMA here and below are some of the videos.

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Introducing Doug Polk’s Comedy Show

Branching out into the world of YouTube beyond his usual poker shows, Polk is now reaching for heights of internet stardom by trying to recreate the success of renowned YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, and jacksepticeye.

By creating his own comedy channel, simply entitled Doug Polk with his own style of depreciate humour, Polk is well on his way to such fame with already over 1,000 subscribers to his site.

Polk also plans to help a community near you with his new project the Doug Polk Foundation. Watch the videos to learn more.

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Online Casinos Offer Loyalty Rewards for Casual and VIP Players

No matter whether you play a little or a lot at your favorite online casino, your business is highly valued. As a result, the companies that provide the online games are looking to make sure that you are happy and they will reward you for your loyalty to their brand.

Many of the online casinos have designed their loyalty reward systems in the same way that some grocery stores have. These types of programs are a points based system where you accumulate a certain amount of points every time you play. Depending on just how much you play, you will likely climb a ladder into designated tiers. Usually the higher level or tier that you achieve, the easier it is to accumulate points and rewards.

In many instances the amount of points you earn is based on the amount you wager. For example, at All Slots Casino players earn 1 point for every €10 wagered on most of their slot and parlor games, plus their American Roulette games. Other games such Casino War, Blackjack and Craps require higher wager amounts to earn each loyalty point.

But, in many instances as you move up in tiers to the higher loyalty levels, many online casinos provide multipliers or opportunities to earn bonus points which can have a big impact on the overall amount of points a player earns. Since these points are usually redeemable for cash, moving up levels can mean a significant rise in the overall amount of money that is returned to a player in the form of rewards.

For those players that achieve the highest levels, some online casinos offer a more personalized VIP service. These programs usually includes a dedicated support team that provides priority service to the members of the program. This red carpet service is an effort to provide the bet gaming experience for the most loyal players. Some even offer special gifts, higher redemption rates for loyalty points and special access to promotional events. In some instances, these special VIP perks are automatically added to your account when you reach a certain level in the loyalty program. In other cases you must opt in or receive a special invite, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of the site where you play.

Even if you are new to a particular site, there still may be rewards that you can qualify for. Be sure to check to see if the site you have joined offers special promotions for new players like free spins, deposit bonuses, free play money. Some of the offers have special requirements that must be met so make sure that you real all of the fine print. The terms and conditions of each site can vary greatly, so do not ever assume that just because the rules work one way on one site that they are that way everywhere you play on the internet. It is always prudent to check the rules before you open an account, start to play or make a deposit.

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ICYMI: William Kassouf On Reddit AMA

From reading the Ask Me Anything with William Kassouf from WSOP 2016 fame, it looks he he still has a beef with the way things played out at the World Series of Poker this summer.

When asked by one redditor “What’s bigger? Vayo’s vagina or Nguyen’s balls?” Kassouf doesn’t hold back,

He replied that “Vayo heads up [was] really disappointing, shameful, embarrassing on his part” and that Vayo is “a kind of a big pussy in more ways than one.” Wow, seems like Kassouf escalated that pretty quickly.

Kassouf then went on to say how Vayo “lied about me especially in the previous episodes, saying how I berated a woman to tears, which was complete bullshit.”

When the conversation moved on to tanking, Kassouf responded that he doesn’t “go out of [his] way to tank”. Hmm, it certainly didn’t seem that way—but take a look for yourself, as we have put together a bunch of Kassouf’s videos in one place for your viewing pleasure.

You can read Kassouf’s full AMA here and find out everything you didn’t see in the now famous “Check Your Privilege” hand here.

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