Hellmuth Hoping for Poker Brat Best Seller

Looks like Phil Hellmuth is hoping for a New York Times Best Seller from his autobiography Poker Brat.

The autobiography which was meant to already be in stores from January, chronicles Hellmuth’s “meteoric rise as one of the top poker pros in the world.”

Wonder if Joey Ingram is hoping the same from his book Chasing The Poker Dream?

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Jaime Staples Signs With PokerVision

Looks like PokerStars Team Pro and Twitch sensation Jaime Staples will be joining PokerVision to help grow the love of poker to a burgeoning audience.

Staples was one of the most popular Twitch streamers in 2016 and has over 73,000 followers

In a recent press release on the partnership Staples said: “I’m thrilled to join a great team at PokerVision. Their multi-platform ePlay network and approach to TV will allow us to expand audiences to all ages on all platforms.”

PokerVision is based in Alberta, Canada and hopes to be “redefining the future of sports consumption by bridging poker, gaming, eSports and sports content with unparalleled consumer interactivity.”

We’ll have to watch this space to see what type of content is going to be created.

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Chasting (or Chasing) The Poker Dream with Joey Ingram

After grinding out 47,000 words over 10 days for his book called “Chasting The Poker Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player”, yeah, Ingram unfortunately managed to get a typo in the title, it looks like Chicago Joey has won another prop bet.

It looks like the eBook will be $9.99 from Amazon but a hard back version is also on the way.

Here’s some words from the man himself on what it felt like finishing the book and that typo.

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Moorman is Coming in 2017

Refraining from any Book of Moorman puns, it looks like 888poker Ambassador and the most successful online poker player in history , Chris Moorman will have a new book that will be hitting shelves this summer possibly during the WSOP.

Announcing the news on twitter that he is almost finished writing his new tome, the book simply entitled Moorman, sets to analyze his own key hands as well as getting other poker pros like Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holz and Liv Boeree to give their opinions.

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Not Even Coach Doug Can Save Us From Online Poker’s Judgement Day

Not that I was ever really expecting Doug Polk to be the next John Conner, but it seems that even his alter-ego, Coach Doug, is enough to save the human crew in the Brains V AI challenge from what might have been the Judgement Day of online poker as we know it.

Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, and Jimmy Chou took part in the Brains vs. AI challenge where they battled the AI program, Libratus, in Heads Up No Limit Hold’em for three weeks. Ultimately the humans were overwhelmed by the poker bot.

Libratus dragged its final pot against the humans on Monday night as it pulled ahead of the humans by a total of $1.766 million in chips over 120,000 hands.

Libratus is clearly the most advanced AI poker program ever created.

Doug Polk, who participated in the challenge last year against Claudico and helped the humans beat the poker bot, tried to coach the humans out of the hole they found themselves in late in the challenge.

Here’s what Coach Doug had to say to the humans before they finally conceded.

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Get To Know Worm From Rounders

Poker Central has released a new Who Is video. This time they take a short look at Edward Norton who played Worm. in the film Rounders.

Watch and learn about the man behind one of the most iconic fictional characters associated with the game of poker.

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One Giant Leap for AI

Some of the best No Limit Hold’em minds (and bodies) joined forces to take on what is the most advanced AI poker program ever created.

Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, and Jimmy Chou took part in the Brains vs. AI challenge which saw them battle the AI program, Libratus, for hours each day as they tried and ultimately failed to find an edge to exploit the program.

The match played out over a 20 day period, live streamed on Twitch but already Libratus proved too hard to beat.

According to Part Time Poker, Libratus put an end to the humans misery on Monday night with the final tally putting the poker bot ahead by $1.766 million over 120,000 hands.

The Final tally against all players is as follows:

Dong King: -$85,649
Daniel Mcaulay: -$277,657
Jimmy Chou: -$552-857
Jason Les: -$880,087

Doug Polk traveled to Pittsburgh to catch up with the group and lend his support.

Oh and with not being content with whooping poker arses, Libratus entered the fray of social media, with its very own twitter account.

Welcome to Skynet.

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Michael Dentale Says Cate Hall To Be “Punished” For Her “Big Mouth”

I am sure Dentale just means it metaphorically when he says Cate Hall will be “punished” for “her big mouth.”

Or at least I hope his comments are confined to the upcoming heads up grudge match between the pair that will see them face off at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia in March for a best-of-three $10,000 freezeout matches played with $25/$50 blinds.

The beef all started back in December of last year when things got very ugly on twitter between the two, especially when it came to the use of the word bitch.

But not one to waste an opportunity to throw some shade at Hall, Dentale used his interview at the Borgata Winter Poker Open to rant about why Hall needs to be taken down a peg or two.

If you are still in the dark as to what the grudge match is all about, Joey Ingram from the popular Poker Life Podcast breaks it down.

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