Another Week, Another Poker Twitter Spat

Like I said the other week, you can’t go anywhere near poker twitter at the moment without someone saying something that offends someone. It’s a delicate place out there people.

And once again, we were treated to a front row seat at The Twitter Sh*t Show yesterday .

It was all unwittingly started by WSOP Player of the Year himself Jason Mercier when he posted the question on Twitter “Why does every girl want to get married in a garden? I don’t get it”

All fairly innocent and not surprising considering his recent engagement to Natasha Barbour.

But after Mike McDonald commented and in turn Shaun Deeb did as well, it seemed people forgot their sense of humor and things got really serious all of a sudden. Liv Boeree dropped the M bomb and called out Deeb for being a misogynist.

The funny thing is, I am not sure if Deeb was the one cracking a joke, or whether Boeree was for calling him out on it.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Daniel Negreanu On Trump: “That Piece of Sh*t”

And things turn ugly with Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.

With tensions rising over the upcoming presidential elections, Daniel Negreanu is using his social media reach to share his thoughts on the candidates and there is one in particular that he is getting especially vocal about.

^^ Negreanu’s commentary had me laughing out load on this one.

Only a few days ago Twitter blew up over comments made by Negreanu, to Mike Matusow following a tweet by Erik Seidel that divided opinion.


But people were not happy about his comment and this was just part of the backlash.

Whether he spoke unjustly or not, Negreanu has a message he wants heard.

Looking at his twitter feed since then, Negreanu is still being as vocal as ever and it looks like he is yet to apologize.

Drug taking aside, and being firmly in the democratic camp ourselves, we are behind Negreanu 100% in agreeing that Trump should not be the next POTUS.

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The Winner of Best #TBT Goes To…

Chicago Joey wins the prize for best Throw Back Thursday picture. Ever.

Papi was even el Jefe ten years ago when he rocked the GTO style of white on white complete with dog tag. Well it was 2006.

It continues to be the best thing I have seen all day.

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A Candid Account of Life as a Poker Pro: The Fighting Chance Podcast

Dan O'Brien & Cate Hall join forces to bring a fresh and honest account of playing poker as one of the pros.

Fighting Chance is the new podcast from Cate Hall and former Ultimate Poker pro Dan O’Brien .

The new pod hit the airwaves last month, and 5 episodes have been released.

Sounding very NPRish, the first episode drops in ahead of the pair’s trip to the World Series of Poker.

The pod gives their take on the risks and rewards that come with along with competing in the WSOP, selling action, how much of their bankroll is on the line during the WSOP and nerves and excitement ahead of the tournament.

Released each week you can get stuck into them here.

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Is This The World’s first Poker Dogumentary?

WSOP head honcho Seth Palansky and Social Justice Warrior Cate Hall both feature in this hard hitting documentary about the plight of one oppressed pup, Grizzle, on her quest to play in the Main Event.

Although it is yet to appear on Netflix next to Daniel Negreanu’s doco Kid Poker we are sure that will be the next step for this film that shines a light on marginalization at the WSOP.

In the meantime watch the cool Poker Listings video!

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