The Kevmath Report is Must-Subscribe Content for Poker Fans

Kevin Mathers has long been an essential Twitter follow for poker fans. Now, the walking poker database has a subscription-only substack that poker fans need to see.

Even if you are just a passing poker fan, the name of Kevin Mathers is still likely a familiar one. Affectionately known by his Twitter handle, Kevmath, Mathers has been a fixture in the poker media world for years.

Mathers has been an essential follow on Twitter for poker fans for ages now, but there’s a new source of exclusive news, views and opinions on the poker world from the poker pundit. The Kevmath Report is Mathers’ latest foray into providing the world with the most accurate and complete poker info possible.

In the inaugural edition of the Report, Mathers said his plan was “to create something that will keep you entertained and informed.” That’s a goal he’s already scored over many years of Twitter activity, but the new substack page looks to be a wonderful, deeper peek inside the mind of a poker media master.

Behind the prolific tweeting, Mathers is deeply embedded in the poker world. He has worked with World Series of Poker, BLUFF Media, PocketFives, and PokerAtlas, and is currently one of the main resources helping to clarify the WSOP 2021 situation.

The first edition of the Report includes WSOP details, as well as info on other upcoming poker series. He also highlights a Brad Owen vlog where Owen plays nosebleeds, and pays tribute to recently fallen poker OG Layne “Back-to-Back” Flack.

The Kevmath Report is a must-see for poker fans who want to be in the know. Mathers has long been one of the more consistent and accurate voices in the poker media. Subscribe now to The Kevmath Report, and get into the mind of Kevmath.

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The Orbit Visits with Gross, Little, and Burton

Robbie Strazynski's round-table vodcast brings the Flow from Jeff Gross and nuggets of wisdom from the creator of The Drawing Dead

The Orbit is an innovative round-table vodcast show from the mind of Cardplayer Lifestyle owner Robbie Strazynski. Earlier this month, the Riffld produced vodcast released its 13th episode with some fascinating talent from the poker world on hand to chat with Strazynski.

In the latest episode, Strazynski is joined by US tournament grinder Jonathan Little, creator of The Flow poker stream and former Professional Best Friend Jeff Gross, and the brains behind the most innovative vodcast in the poker world right now Jaman Burton. While the show typically features premiere guests from the poker world, the topic matter can be quite wide-ranging.

In one segment, Burton, the creator of The Drawing Dead, talks about how the World Series of Poker experience is different when you live in Las Vegas. Especially for a vlogger like Burton, enjoying the game and getting enough raw content for later vlog editing can be a challenge on a rushed schedule.

When he lived away from Vegas, and travelled to the city for WSOP action, he was forced to budget his time a lot more to make sure he got the full experience. However, having moved to Vegas, Burton now wonders if that might encourage him to end sessions and days early rather than trying to grind every moment for profit and content.

It’s an interesting discussion within a wider WSOP discussion with all the guests, and well worth the watch. Catch The Orbit at home at the best Twitch poker URL possible,, or on the Riffld Productions YouTube channel.

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Dr. GTO Hangs Out With Andrew Neeme

Dylan Weisman stops in to see Andrew Neeme on his podcast to hand out PLO wisdom.

It’s all about the four-card game on the latest edition of Andrew Neeme's podcast, as Dylan Weisman makes an appearance. The creator of the PLO Launchpad course with Upswing Poker reviews some of Neeme’s vlog hands and talks general pot limit Omaha (PLO) theory.

Weisman spends more than two hours with Neeme, reviewing hands and answering questions. In one interesting exchange just after the two hour mark, Weisman is asked about whether he ever considered the {n:galfond-challenge-phil-galfond-talks-joey-ingram:Galfond challenge.

“So, first off, Phil Galfond is an absolute savage,” he said, leading into praise for the high-stakes PLO master and founder of Run It Once. He admitted to considering the challenge initially, but went on to say Galfond’s early performance quickly dissuaded him from the idea.

The whole show is well worth the watch, especially if you are looking to up your PLO game. Weisman may not be interested in taking on the likes of Galfond—be honest, how many among us would be interested?—but its clear he knows his way around four-card poker.

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